Monday, November 15, 2010

Reality tv week of 11/7.

Wow, I'm a wee bit late on this but here is the weekly rundown of some reality tv I watch.

*The Amazing Race- They continued on in Russia this week, with teams having to go on foot to a bridge, up to the top of a tower, still on foot across town to a giant church. From there they had to go to where Peter the Great is buried, and play a Russian style bowling game. Finally was the pit stop. Nat and Kat (the doctors) finished first again. A few teams didn't read the rules properly and either took a cab for some parts where they should have walked, or got a cab to lead them when they were specifically asked to ask a local and NOT a cab driver. The shop and home host ladies realized they took a cab where they shouldn't have, went back and walked that part again, and still finished in plenty of time. Chad and Stephanie (newly dating couple, Chad is rude and a half to Stephanie) and Michael and Kevin (Team Jumba) were both having issues with the challenges, especially the bowling. One team member had to knock down three different bowling patterns and Michael took an hour to get just the first one! But once he was on a roll, it went fast- he knocked down the final two patterns in one try each!

Team Jumba rushed to the pit stop for the end of the leg and were notified that they incurred two penalties- one for taking a cab, one for getting a cab to lead them, and they had to wait out an hour before they could check in. Chad and Stephanie took that as their chance and made up the time to run to the pit stop- only to be told that they had to have their bags with them- they had left their cab driver waiting! They ran back, paid the cab, and rushed back- only to be told that they had taken a cab when they shouldn't and had to wait half an hour to check in. Alas, that wasn't enough to keep Team Jumba in the game, and my favorite team got sent home! :( The worst part for the penalties for Team Jumba (besides being sent home, of course) was that the cab that they had ALL DAY wasn't cheap- it was around $350, and they didn't have enough. They had to argue with the cab driver and give them all that they had to even get their bags back!

*Dancing With the Stars: Final 5! Brandy, Jennifer, Kyle, Bristol, and Kurt all had two dances to do this week- one normal and one called Instant Dance, where they were given their style of dance to practice, but didn't get their dance music until about 20 minutes before they had to perform to it! I was truly expecting a train wreck, but was pleasantly surprised! The regular dances weren't particularly remarkable, and no team scored particularly low (I think the lowest was a 24 out of 30?)

First out on Instant Dance was Kyle, and he looked like he had practiced to that song all week! Jennifer came out, and despite all of her "My leg hurts, I'm 50 and old, wahhhh" whining, the judges think she is the greatest thing since sliced bread and she scored a perfect 30. Kurt did fairly well, even kept on the beat the whole time and was complimented, but didn't score near as well (sheesh, do you think the judge has their favorites *coughcoughBRANDYorJENNIFERcough* much?) Bristol came out and danced a clean dance and was complimented on her footwork, but didn't score near as well either. Brandy came out and took the first 32 beats or so to find the beat and mostly just stood there and bobbed a little before starting to dance, which the judges noticed. Carrie Ann commented on this fact (especially since Brandy had just bragged about her advantage of having musicality), and Maks commented that he accepted the blame for it, to which Carrie Ann answered, "Good. Because you should." This started a nice little argument between the two of them. Still, Brandy got a 9 from Carrie Ann, who was apparently feeling gracious, and 10s from Len and Bruno, which I thought was WAY too high.

Tuesday made me breathe a sigh of relief as Kyle (my favorite!) was announced as safe right away. The bottom two this week were Kurt and Brandy. Bristol was miraculously saved yet again despite the lowest scores of the night. Thanks to Mak's talking back to the judges on Monday, I was hoping that judge's pet Brandy would finally be sent home, but alas, it was Kurt who got sent packing. Next week- semifinals! Should be entertaining!

*Hell's Kitchen: We've waited about a month to find out if Trev gets sent home or not! The answer- no! Amazingly enough. he got sent from the guys team to the girls team earlier in the season, and back to the guys this week. Chef Ramsay was giving him his final chance to get his act together, and boy, did he! At one point this week, every other guy was kicked out of dinner service and Trev finished out the service on his own! First episode had the palate challenge, and Nona was the only one who did well, getting 3 out of 4 mystery foods correct. The second episode had a challenge where they had 30 minutes to make 3 dishes. The catch was that each chef was allowed 5 minutes in the kitchen and only 1 was allowed in there at a time. The guys messed up and forgot to put the lobster in, which was fixed in the last 5 minutes by boiling just the tail quickly instead of the whole lobster. However, the girls suffered a setback when Jillian burned her hand and dropped the fish dish on the floor, leaving one course without its main ingredient. The guys squeaked out a challenge win because of the dropped fish.

Rob got sent home in the first episode because he couldn't keep up,and Vinny got sent home in the second episode because he kept messing up dishes and that wasn't the first dinner service. Now we are down to the final six, who become one team- Sabrina, Jillian, Nona, Gail, Trev, and Russell. I think we might have a girl win again this season, but who knows?

*America's Next Top Model- The final five girls went to go-sees this week, and were told they had to walk or take public transportation. The street signs in Milan are up on the sides of buildings, and the subway trains were too hard to figure out. Chelsey made it to 2 of the 4 go-sees, while Chris, Kayla, Ann, and Jane only got to 1. Ann and one other contestant were late getting back, and Chelsey won the challenge. The photo shoot this week had the girls covered head to toe in white goop to look like statues who had just been brought to life by the love of their sculptor (a male model). Kayla, in spite of having trouble posing with male models, ignored her nervousness and pulled out top photo of the week. Chelsey and Ann did fairly well also. Jane was in the bottom two because she had trouble showing emotion, and Chris was in the bottom two because she had twisted her ankle on go-sees and couldn't hide the pain for her photo shoot. In the end, Chris was sent home. But Tyra told her she thought Chris should go into acting and told her to enroll in theater classes quickly!

Well, that's it for this week! See you next week for more reality fun and nonsense!

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