Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's a conspiracy! (Reality tv week of 11/14)

Let's get right down to the big reality news of the week...the Bristol Palin voting conspiracy.

*Dancing With The Stars: As anyone who has seen even a few minutes of tv this week probably know, the Palins are all over the news. Sarah Palin and her new reality show, Willow Palin and her racial slurs, and Bristol Palin being the bottom scorer yet again on Dancing With The Stars, but, surprise surprise, making it through to the finals. Everyone has been crying that it's some giant political Sarah Palin/Tea Party conspiracy, and that the voting is rigged. But here's how I see it-

1. DWTS tells you to vote for your favorite, not the best dancer.
2. DWTS tells you you get a certain number of votes per phone line or email address, and many people, myself included, have more than one phone number and way too many email addresses. I may not care enough to vote with more than one email address, but if people do, that's their time spent the way they want.
3. DWTS tells you to spread the word to get people you know to vote for your favorite because every vote counts.
4. There is a website out there that tries to get the worst dancers as far as possible. Remember Billy Ray Cyrus? How about Kate Gosselin? Yeah, you have that site to thank for that.

If Sarah Palin is trying to get people to vote for her daughter, it's no big deal to me. I don't really think it's hurting anything. Who can blame a mom for thinking she has the most awesome, talented daughter in the world and wants everyone to vote for her? As far as I'm concerned, if the other contestants aren't pulling their celebrity connections to get votes for themselves, then that's their own loss. I, for one, was glad to see Brandy go home- her dancing looked a little stiff to me and I was sick of the judges' rave reviews, plus Maks' attitude wasn't enjoyable.

Meanwhile, I really hope Kyle Massey wins it all! It's a long shot, but go Kyle and Lacey! YAY TEAM SCHMURGALS! I can't decide if Jennifer Grey will win it (the judges seem to think she can do no wrong) or if Bristol will have a ton of votes again that will push her to the shiny mirrorball trophy.

*The Amazing Race: I wasn't sure if I would like it now that Team Jumba is gone, but it was still plenty entertaining. Royal pain in the hiney and terrible boyfriend material Chad proposed to his girlfriend/teammate Stephanie in this week's location, Oman (is it Oman? I hope I got that right.) I know a lot of people out there weren't too happy when she said yes.  But I really hope Stephanie is happy. This week turned out awesomely for them. They woke up two hours late for their start time, missed the first two flights to their destination, and by sheer luck, caught a flight that was supposed to arrive 10 minutes after the 2nd flight but arrived early. From there, one team member had to repel down a cliffside and look through a bajillion "magic lamps" and find one with a ring inside to get their next clue.

From there, teams could either make a wedding feast (which no one, not even the happy newly engaged couple, decided to do) or fill a water truck and deliver it to a marked house. After that, they headed to a market place, where they had to find Frankencense and deliver it to the "Ali Baba." After that was the pit stop. The other annoying dating couple (not the tattooed team of Nick and Vicky but the others that look almost like Chad and Stephanie) arrived to the pit stop first but incurred a penality for paying a cab driver for directions, and Chad and Stephanie won this leg, gaining themselves a free trip- can we say honeymoon? Alas, the father/daughter team of Gary and Mallory were eliminated. Now that all the nicest contestants have gone home, not sure who I'm going to root for.

*Hell's Kitchen: The final 6 bombed big time this week! First, they did ok in their individual challenge, where they had to make a dish for professional chefs who judged them. Russell got a perfect score and got a nice day out to visit the restaurant than one of them will get to run as the prize. He took Gail since she scored second and he got to pick someone to come with him. The dinner service this week was a disaster and a half! First, Sabrina and Trev on appetizers totally bombed out- the highlight of that being Sabrina not being able to make a simple salad. Gail tanked the fish station for the 2nd week in a row. Russell tried to send up raw meat, and Jillian messed stuff up too. The only one who didn't incur the wrath of Chef Ramsay was Nona, and that was only because she was cooking steaks tableside. The best part of this episode was the end, and finally the moment I've been waiting for for weeks- SABRINA IS GONE! HOORAY!

*America's Next Top Model: The 4 remaining models had a meeting with an acting coach to work on talking comfortably with people, and then got sent to Vogue Italia's head office to meet with the editor. This turned out to be a challenge. Chelsey was most confortable, Kayla did ok but wasn't really what the editor expected, Jane was shy but polite, and Ann was shy but her look really impressed. Chelsey won the challenge and shared her win with Kayla- a trip to see the original "The Last Supper" painting and then a stay in one of the nicest hotels in Milan.

This week's photo shoot was more of a moving picture- not quite a movie, not a commercial, and not a still photo. Honestly, it was one of their weirdest things I've ever seen. The girls rocked it though. They all looked amazing and brought their A game to the photo shoot. However, they were told just prior to the shoot that 2 (!) of them would be eliminated at the next panel. Due to Jane's "lack of personality" and Ann's extreme awkwardness and shyness, I expected Chelsey and Kayla to be te final two. Imagine my surprise when Ann was the first called out! I think her making a good impression on the Vogue Italia editor plus coming alive during the shoot really balanced out her shyness. The other finalist was Chelsey, who I am looking forward to seeing in the finals because she wants this so much. The finale isn't for another two weeks (there is a "Behind the Scenes" episode next week), and while I think Chelsey will probably win, I'm really hoping it's Ann. Who do you think will win?

Do you watch any of these shows? What do you think about this week's episodes? Any other shows that you watch that you think I should give a try?

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