Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Small real life update.

Here's my short update of goings on in real life.

Me: I'm good, same old same old really. I've gone to working only 2 days a week :( because of my husband's work schedule at his new job. But it does leave me a lot of time with my kiddo, and too much time to watch tv, blog, and spend time on my iPod! I've taken a recent interest in Twitter parties- they are lots of fun and I've even won a few prizes! I've also been trying to make a little money for Christmas- I couldn't afford Christmas presents for my family last year (except for my husband and kiddo) and I would like to change that this year, because I love to give gifts to my family!

Husband: I don't think I mentioned here that he was fired from his job at the beginning of August. We were pretty ticked at the time. We moved from WY to NE just for that job and he was the store manager. He was demoted with no decent reason right after our daughter was born (talk about adding stress!) demoted again a few months after that, and fired in August. They never did give him a good reason, and when he called the company's main office they wouldn't talk to him; it was always just "She's not in today- call back tomorrow." Ugh.

Anyhow, they did us a favor. My husband got a better job that he really loves, and!!! it lets him work full time from home! Money is a little tight since he was out of a job for over a month, but we are barely scraping buy. He is a lot happier, we see him a lot more (which isn't always a good thing, hahaha), and he's even lost 10 pounds all while eating more, just because he isn't eating junk food all the time and he isn't as stressed out. A good deal, no? :)

Curly Girly: She is doing very well and being completely a 2 year old. She climbs and talks and plays and throws tantrums, just like a normal toddler. She watches too much Sesame Street, which annoys me, but it has taught her all of her alphabet letters, and her numbers from 0-9! I've been trying to teach her to count (she can count to 3 sometimes) and that letters make sounds and words, but I'm still just amazed that she knows so much. Baby and toddler brains are just amazing!

She has also had more adventures than I have ever had! She went to 2 birthday parties this month, and at one of them, she got to ride on an ATV, which she loved! She also got her nails painted for the first time at a party. I had to work during both parties so her daddy took her and I missed out on all the cuteness. :( But at least she's been having a good time and has some cute, well-behaved little friends to play with.

Other family news: My mom has been sick, so good thoughts and prayers are always welcome! It is a brain tumor which is not life threatening, but it's still not supposed to be there and doesn't make her feel her best. I am hoping her doctor figures out the best course of treatment soon! :) Get better soon, mom!

Non-family news: My friend Millie finally got out of the nursing home! Unfortunately that means I can't visit her because she lives too far away for me to walk. However, her son brings her in to shop where I work sometimes so I still get to check up on her. :) She looks immensely better since she's out of the nursing home. Her face has better color, her hair looks nicer, and she seems much happier. She also says that the food is better at home too. :) I am so glad she's out of that place. I miss visiting her but I am glad that she's back in her house and feeling better. She has to have someone in her house 24-7 so they are looking into home care people and will hopefully find someone soon. :)

So that's all for now! :) Sorry this wasn't as short as intended!

Reality TV week of 10/24

Hi, here's what I watched this week!
*The Amazing Race: The contestants stayed up in the Arctic Circle this week. There was a challenge that the first team that completed it would get to skip the whole rest of the leg and go to the "Pit Stop" check point. The doctor team of Kat and Nat, who were in 1st place, went in and took the challenge- a traditional feast that involved eating all the meat off of a sheep's head! Gross! One of them was a vegetarian and they still did it! And they skipped the whole leg of the race and finished, still in first, way ahead of the others.

The remaining teams had to rappel off of a bridge, get a clue from a boat, and then climb back up the rope. Looked painful and requiring of a lot of strength! From there, teams could either bike to a sign, memorize a combination, go back to the starting point, unlock their bike lock, and retrieve their next clue, or go on a boat, lug fish up a hill, and get their clue. Some of the more athletic teams took the bike challenge, while my favorites, TEAM JUMBA! (that's Michael and Kevin) opted for the boat challenge. It turned out to be a good move for Jumba, who finished in 4th place at the end of the leg. The unfortunate team to be eliminated this week was a team of female volleyball players, who I didn't even really remember were competing until they went home. They weren't particularly memorable. Teams next week get to go to Russia- it looks like it'll be pretty interesting!

*Dancing With The Stars: It was "Rock and Roll Week." It makes me wonder this- if they are the "Number 1 show on TV" on Monday nights, why are they resorting to such lame and not-well-thought-out gimmicks? Rock and ballroom don't exactly mix very well, and I don't think that really got them too many more viewers. Anyhow, on to the actual dancing!

Kyle Massey (my favorite) did really well this week! Bristol Palin was surprisingly good, and I'm glad she got another chance after last week's monkey suit fiasco, because she really improved. Kurt Warner was good, I thought, but the judges weren't seeing it. Rick Fox was ok, but the judges seemed to like him. Jennifer Grey really didn't do well, and the judges definitely noticed. They had been a fan of her from the beginning and I never really thought she did that well, honestly. Audrina Patridge did ok but she seemed sort of blah. And Brandy did ok but the judges worshiped the ground she danced on! I honestly don't get it! Then they all did a group jive (?) contest, which just seemed like a judge's popularity contest, picking who they liked rather than who could dance. Surprise, surprise- Brandy won that part.

So who went home? It wasn't either of the two lowest scorers- Bristol or Kurt. It was the good but forgettable Audrina Patridge. At first I was like, "What?!" but then I realized I usually spaced out during her dances anyway. I'm still rooting for Kyle and Lacey to win! I also wouldn't really mind if Brandy went home next week. She annoys me.

*America's Next Top Model: The top 7 models had to do a Zac Posen runway show, followed by a commerical shoot for the fictional product "H2T water." The runway show had professional models, who were instructed to be snotty to the contestants to shake them up a little. It worked- Chris and Liz looked ticked off, and Ann looked freaked out! Chelsey won the challenge, getting 5 Zac Posen outfits, which was the one challenge prize that she really, really wanted.

The commercial shoot was a complete disaster. Liz giggled through the whole thing, Esther was blah, and Kayla had yet another dramatic meltdown. All 6'2" of Ann was having quite the issue trying to do the commercial while roller skating. It looked hard! In fact, I don't think a single girl had a good commercial to show at judging. In the end, Chris got the best of the week for her bubbly personality. Bottom two was Ann and Esther, and Ann was saved because of her quirky personality and previous 5 top photos. I liked Esther because she was from Boston, so I'm sad to see her go. I'm hoping Ann really gets it together and gains some confidence, because I really want her to win the whole thing!

That's all I watched this week, since Hell's Kitchen won't be back for another 2 weeks. :( Any suggestions of cheesy reality competitions for me to watch since I have way too much free time? :)

Robots are taking over!

Ok, so maybe they aren't taking over, but robots are getting pretty advanced these days. Check out this video from Japan. The lady singing and dancing in the center is a robot!

Did you see how lifelike the face is? It even blinks! The mouth movements are a little off but pretty cool. It does have some scary man-hands though! It doesn't move like a person either, but it does have fairly fluid movements. I am amazed that they make it dance like that, and that its voice isn't very "robot" sounding. It also talks in the same voice. I am thinking that a lot of other people are amazed/weirded out like I am, because over a million people have watched this on YouTube! If you want to see more of this robot, just search YouTube for "HRP-4C" and you can watch her dancing, singing, walking, talking, even stretching and exercising!

What do you think? Do you think in the future everyone will have robots in their houses? My husband thinks it's a little creepy and wouldn't want one so lifelike. Guess he will be doing his own chores in the future then! :)


Friday, October 22, 2010


I am incredibly geeked out right now. I was walking by a McDonald's last week and noticed something that basically made my whole month...THEY HAVE MCBOO BUCKETS! Ok, so they are not really like the original McBoo buckets- I especially miss the lid- but they are giving me delightful 1980s flashbacks right now. Plus, they have stickers so you can dress the Mr. Potato Head pictures on the bucket. Doesn't get too much cooler than that, does it? I made my husband get Happy Meals so both Curly Girly and I could have these splendid buckets. I actually even went on eBay to see if anyone was selling the original McBoos...surprise, surprise, someone is. Alas, I don't have money to spend on a herd of McBoo buckets right now. Because I would be totally tempted.

Yes, I know I'm a geek.
I bet everyone except for my sister is thinking- what the heck is a McBoo bucket? Go HERE or HERE to see their magnificence.

Happy week before Halloween, everyone!

Weekly reality roundup

Ok, I watched 3 out of my 4 usual reality shows this week. The 4th wasn't on (boohoo!). So here's how they all went...

*The Amazing Race- I am very impressed by Team Jumba this week! Michael and Kevin went from dead last to first for a while, and then finished in 3rd or 4th (is it sad that I don't remember?). They came in last last week but luckily it was a non-elimination week. But that meant they had to do an extra challenge that no other teams had to do. Their challenge? Sit in a freezer on chairs made out of ice for ten minutes. Sounds not too bad, if a little chilly on the hiney. They were smart enough to find out about earlier flights to the Arctic Circle, which probably is what helped them so much. I was sort of sad at how some of the dating couples treated each other- there are some really mean boyfriends on that show! Boo to mean people! I am just happy that the annoying a capella singers went from first last week to being sent home this week. Their singing bothered me so much!

*Dancing With the Stars- This week was Tv Theme week, where the contestants had to perform their dances to theme songs from tv shows. I was least impressed by Brandy and Maks dancing to the "Friends" theme, but the judges were enamored with it enough that it was this week's encore dance.  I didn't really agree with the judges on a lot of their decisions this week. Poor Kyle Massey, who did a clean dance (although it's hard to do a Foxtrot to the "Charlie's Angels" theme), and Len didn't like it and gave him a 5! And then he gave Bristol Palin a 6 even though she forgot half of her dance! I have to give it to Bristol though, dancing in a monkey suit gets respect from me! I think it's awesome! Sadly, poor Mrs. Brady went home after dancing to the "Brady Bunch" theme. Bummer, I liked Florence Henderson, she had some great moves for an old lady!

*Hell's Kitchen- After leaving us with a cliffhanger last week (What will happen to Trev? Will he get sent home?), we won't find out the answer until November 10th! What a way to annoy me and build up anticipation at the same time! ARGH!

*America's Next Top Model- The reign of the almighty Ann has come to an end! After coming in first at panel for the last 5 (!!!) weeks, Lyz got best photo this week! Not to worry, Ann fans- she still came in third, and kicks major tooshie at the photo shoots! They ladies all had to dress like famous designers and act like the designer while still being all model-y. Lyz didn't even know who her designer was, but she just captured the guy's body language perfectly! It was Kendal, who had to portray Vera Wang, who got sent home this week. Another week of her just standing there, with dead looking eyes, all like "I'm a model, I'm beautiful, this is so easy!" I guess it's not so easy. It doesn't look easy from the outside, I can't imagine why any of the aspiring models treat it like a cakewalk?

Ok, no more to say, really. Until next time...

Monday, October 18, 2010

8 easy ways to get FREE cards!

I've been doing different, EASY things online on different sites in order to get some free gift card codes. It's great because it doesn't take a lot of time, it's all free, and doing all these different sites allows me to gather up quite a bit in my Amazon account. I bought my daughter an $80 toy kitchen last Christmas, and I paid for all but about $20 with Amazon gift cards for an iPod Touch for my husband this summer. So I know these work. Try one, try them all! Good luck!

1. Swagbucks- This is really one of my favorites. Get points through searching, completing offers, getting special codes, and adding the toolbar and "Swidget" widget. I've been a member for about a year and a half and have made $150 in Amazon gift cards! I showed the proof in one of my previous posts. Basically, it works! :)

2. Mypoints- Earn points through clicking on email ads, playing their instant win games, taking surveys, and through shopping. I don't go out of my way to find ways to shop through there, but if I already have a certain Christmas gift in mind for someone, I may do my shopping through them. I have been a member since 1999, and even being a slacker and ignoring the site for a few years, I have redeemed for over $100 in different gift cards, including Amazon and Bath&Body Works.

3. Zoombucks- This site is similar to Swagbucks. Get points for searching, looking through their site, completing offers, and playing games. You have to wait until you get 2000 points to redeem the first time (enough for a $20 gift card to one of several stores), but you can get 350 points just for signing up and completing your extended profile. I haven't cashed out yet but I should have enough by next month if I do well enough in the games. I have read about other people getting their gift cards though.

4. iRazoo- Yet another site similar to swagbucks, get points for searching and quickly reviewing sites. It is 3000 points to redeem for $5 Amazon, but you can get 100 points a day just for leaving a quick comment about 2 sites you search for and leaving short comments on them. That's $5 a month just for a minute of your time a day! I haven't cashed out yet- I should get my first one this week! Again, I've read about other people getting their gift cards through this site.

5. Opinion Outpost- Take surveys and earn points! You have to have 50 points to redeem ($5), and you have a choice between a Citi gift card, check, or Amazon code. The best part about the Amazon codes is that they are instant on this site! No pesky waiting! I have personally redeemed for over $60 from them in the past year.

6. Say and Win- Do you love Twitter? Are you going to tweet a lot anyway? May as well send your tweet through this site and get a chance to in gift cards. I have won $5 twice and $1 once or twice. All for something I was going to do anyway! May as well make your tweets work for you, right?

7. Amazon Mechanical Turk- This is directly through Sign up to complete tasks, and when you do, get paid. Most are a few cents but some are more. You can get that $ sent right to your Amazon account. I haven't done it much- maybe made less than a dollar- but I got it right to my Amazon account so I know it works. Most tasks are simple, like looking at a site and giving your opinion.

8. Lightspeed Consumer Panel- Another survey site. I like this one because you can redeem for a low as $1 Amazon, or save up for more! I have redeemed over $20 through them, and the surveys are fairly short and easy.

If you are already members of any of these sites, then hopefully you know how awesome they are. If not give them a try! Also, if you have any other suggestions of good sites to get gift cards, I would like to hear them! I'm always looking to boost my Amazon account!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Turkey Baster.

Well, since people are nice and coming in here for the blog hop (see last post), I thought I would give you all a little entertainment. I heard a little too much about someone's *ahem* romantic life, so I decided to let them know I didn't want to hear about it by making them uncomfortable. (It worked, by the way). So enjoy, it's less than a minute long (and not too crude but don't let your little kiddos watch!)

Hope I didn't scare you away! Happy almost Friday, everyone!

Hippity hop!

So I joined a Blog Hop. My sister has been doing it for a while and it gets her followers, and since my sister is my only follower who actually looks at my blog, I figured it couldn't hurt. :) Her blog is way nicer than mine! She's all domestic-y and stuff. My blog? Well, it's about whatever entertains me. Mostly cracking dirty Elmo jokes, putting up links to funny Youtube videos, and the occasionally blog on fart clouds. If you're looking for something silly to read, you've come to the right place.

I also post a bit about my 2 year old daughter, aka Curly Girly. She's a sweet kid who gets into a lot of trouble. :)

My Wee View

So, I hope this brings a few followers to my blog, as well as some interesting new blogs from other hoppers to read and follow! Yay!

Reality TV week of 10/10.

Ok, here's the recaps of all the reality shows I watched this week!

The Amazing Race: A whole lot of teams missed the decoder map on the symbol challenge. The thing was big enough to cover the end of a building. I'm going to chalk it up to the heat in Ghana. The a capella singers finished first, although they annoy me so much that I wish they would go home. The team of tattooed biker-looking couple aren't very bright, but they were funny to watch, until the guy yelled at the girl because she wasn't moving fast enough. At least he changed his tune when he realized she was having an asthma attack. And my favorite team, Kevin and Michael (Team Jumba) finished in last because Michael was dehydrated, and for running around in nearly 100 degree heat at 59 years of age is no easy task. Luckily, they managed to finish together, AND! It was a non-elimination week! So Team Jumba is still in it! YEAH!

Dancing With The Stars: acoustic music and performing on a raised stage. All in all, a gimmick that didn't make a big difference. The dances weren't any better or worse, the music wasn't any better or worse, and no one fell of the the 30" high stage. I thought the contestants did better for the most part, but the judges were extra harsh. Next time they ought to take their happy pills BEFORE the show. I know The Situation isn't the best, but 4s? Even Steve-O on a unicycle at least that well. Plus, the dude has awesome abs, which made for some effortless looking lifts, I thought. Still, the fans weren't enough help him, so there will be no more "situations" on Dancing. I still like Kyle Massey, but it seems like Jennifer Grey can do no wrong in the eyes of the judges. She's good but I'm not too impressed. Audrina and Brandy seem to be doing well, but I honestly don't think Brandy is very good at all. I want whatever the judges are drinking!

Hell's Kitchen: The first hour, during the chefs' 7th service, they completed it all and did so well that nobody got sent home! They had to know it was too good to be true though. The second hour, with the restaurant's 100th dinner service, didn't go so smoothly. It ended with the blue team (guys) being kicked out and the red team (mostly girls) having to finish for both sides. You'd think by now they would finally stop sending out raw food, but apparently not. One of the guys (Rob?) got sent home, and the episode was left on a cliffhanger, with Trev being called forward to explain himself to Chef Ramsay, but we don't find out his fate until next week!

I am actually amazed that Sabrina is STILL around, but she has mellowed out a little bit because she realized that she was being ganged up on (and I don't blame everyone else, she has a mega-attitude), and that her days were numbered if she didn't at least pretend to behave. I still don't think she will win but she will be around a little while longer for ratings.

America's Next Top Model: The episode starts with the 9 models doing a Cover Girl demonstration at a tent outside a Walmart at night. No offense to Top Model, but isn't it pretty much a given that you shouldn't hang out in a Walmart parking lot in the dark? Even in my small town, BAD stuff has happened in the Walmart parking lot. Scary!

Anyway, Kacey shined in the challenge due to her bubbly personality, and Ann's awkwardness made her come in last on the challenge. This of course, worried Ann, who had been top on the last 4 photo shoots, a show record. It also worried the judges, who know models need to be personable too. The photo shoot took place on Rodeo Drive, which is totally beautiful, at least what they showed on the episode. Streets here don't look like that, that's for sure! Anyhow, Ann's nerves got to her because of the challenge, and she didn't perform well at all. And her partner (most of the girls were paired off), Chelsey, was nervous because she didn't want to look bad next to Ann in a picture. Jane looked like a beautiful living Barbie doll. Kayla looked like the illegitimate child of Ronald McDonald and Wendy, and complained of her shoes hurting her the entire time.

In the end, Tyra called Ann's picture first yet again, and no one knows how Ann does it! She looks awkward in person but the cameras tell a different story! Poor Kacey was sent home- her eyes always look dull in pictures and she didn't look happy at all. And Jane went from bottom 2 last week to second picture called this week, awesome! I'm predicting Ann to win and Esther and Jane to do very well too.

What reality shows do you watch? Do you watch any of these, and if so, what did you think of the episodes this week?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuna troubles!

This is something that happened to me a few years ago at work (I take back returns). Dude thought his tuna could have been poisoned because there was a possibility that it might be made in China. *headdesk* Enjoy.

Isn't that cool? I made a little video of it! It was super easy too. Tell me if you liked it and if I should make more little videos of my work adventures. :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get $$ back on your Halloween costume?

Have you picked out your Halloween costume yet? If not, there is a good deal going on now through Swagbucks that can make you at least $5 back in SB points (almost $10 if you choose an gift card, $5 if you choose Paypal)! What is Swagbucks, you ask? It's a search engine site (sort of like Google), only you win points for searching, and you use those points toward awesome rewards!

If searching isn't getting you enough points, you can get them through their toolbar, "Swidget" widget, completing offers, taking surveys, and special codes that they sometimes release. 450 Swagbucks will get you $5 toward, and 700 Swagbucks will get you $5 in cold, hard cash through Paypal! And just so you know it's legitimate, I will show you all times I got $5 codes!

Wait, there's more, I couldn't fit it all in one screen...

I also managed to get one gift card cut off between those two pictures, so in case you're keeping track that's 2 pages of $70 each and one $5 I missed....$145 in gift cards to Amazon! I used some of them to buy my daughter a nice toy kitchen for Christmas last year! So I know the site is REAL!

I just redeemed for another $5 Amazon code today, and I'm already up to another 288 points today alone! That's over half way to another $5 Amazon! It really does come in handy around Christmas time! This next picture is showing some of what I earned today, thanks to searching, doing a few offers, and having my little brother as a new referral. Nifty! Note this isn't all of what I earned today but it's all that fit onto that page.

So what does this have to do with Halloween, you might ask? How are you going to get $ back for buying a Halloween costume? Well, Swagbucks has a special deal going through tomorrow. All you have to do is complete offers and surveys, and the more you do the better the bonus you will get. Here's the details straight from the Swag Blog:

  • Earn 20-99 total Swag Bucks and you've drawn a Walk, which gets you a bonus of 5 SB
  • Earn 100-199 total Swag Bucks and you've hit a Single, which gets you a bonus of 15 SB
  • Earn 200-299 total Swag Bucks and you've hit a Double into the gap - you've also earned a bonus of 30 SB
  • Line a Triple into the corner by earning 300-399 total Swag Bucks- you'll also receive a bonus of 50 SB
  • You'll hit a Home run if you earn 400-599 total Swag Bucks, and a bonus of 100 SB will be coming your way.
  • A Grand Slam means you've earned 600+ Swag Bucks, and that comes with a 200 SB bonus!

Here's where your Halloween costume comes in. Order your costume from Costume Express on their special offers page and get 403 Swagbucks, earning yourself the 100 Swagbucks bonus...right there you already have enough for a $5 Amazon code! Plus, you get 30 (I think) Swagbucks just for signing up, and more points when you search!

Or, order your costume from (also on the offers page) and get 615 Swagbucks, and earn yourself the extra 200 Swabucks bonus...that's 815 right there, plus the 30 for signing're up to 845 and 900 is enough to get you 2 $5 gift cards, so a day or two of searching ought to take care of that!

The only thing is, you only have till midnight tomorrow to take advantage of this, so you'd better hurry and pick out your perfect costume if you want to get this good deal.

But there is another great thing going on over at Swagbucks right now! They have 4 limited edition Swagbucks that you may come across when searching (a 7, a 12, a 15, and a 32, you can see them over in the Swag Blog at Swagbucks), and if you come across all 4 in searches before Monday, you get a 100 Swagbucks bonus! That's pretty cool!

Just go to the button below to sign up, or you can sign up through the "Swidget" on the right side of my page. Hope you get in on this awesome deal! Happy Halloween, everybody!

Search & Win


Monday, October 11, 2010

The Trifecta of Grossness.

My poor little Curly Girly was sick last week. I don't know what it was, either some sort of bug or too many birthday parties (she went to two last weekend- that's a lot for me, let alone a 2 year old!), but she woke up Monday morning feeling pretty crummy. And since my husband had to work, guess who was on vomit patrol? Yup, that would be me. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad and she was better by Tuesday afternoon. But that isn't really what I came here to talk about.

The poor feline family members must have been feeling left out when I was tending to a sick toddler, because one of them decided to inhale their kibble like a Hoover and then regurgitate it back onto my living room carpet. Then, I find cat poo that migrated from the litter box.

"Could my week get any grosser?" I thought to myself. Perhaps the wrong question to ask. Once Curly Girly was feeling better, she decided to one up the cats and take off a poopy diaper, leaving me a little treat on the living room floor to clean up.

Well, I bet you're thinking that at least nothing got peed on. I made the mistake of thinking that too. In the perfect end to a perfectly gross week, Curly Girly took off her diaper, squealing "Potty! Potty!" So I ran her to the toilet, where she sat, babbling to me about "Potty! Peepee, Poopoo!" However, nothing came out. I even tried to tickle it out of her. No dice. So, defeated, I took her back downstairs, and went in search of a diaper. She must have decided that the living room floor was already gross enough, so she added to the nastiness. Thanks, kid. It's a good thing I have Lysol wipes and tons of Lysol spray handy.

My toddler has completed the Trifecta of Grossness, now it's the feline's turn.
It's your move now, cats.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Clouds of DOOM!

Three times in the last two weeks, I have managed to end up walking through the most heinous fart clouds. Now I admit, the first time I probably deserved it. I saw a poster in the clothing section and went to put it away, which caused me to lean over to about hiney level to do so. But the other times, I was standing at my full 5'6", too high to be crack level with anyone's stinky wind.

The second time was especially awful- it smelled like someone may have had a bonus come out with it. The third time was tonight, and this time was a coworker and not a customer. I told my husband, he seemed equal parts grossed out and amused. But then, when giving Curly Girly a bath, he walked out of the room to avoid stinking us out, then quickly back in and shut the door. All that did was trap the stench in. Boys are icky.

I feel like I have a Fart Ninja following me around. What did I do to deserve this? Do any of you get visits from a Fart Ninja, Fart Bandit, or Fart Fairy? I wish the Fart Fairy was more like the Tooth Fairy, so I could collect quarters for passing gas. But no, all the Fart Fairy does is delivers a stinky surprise.

I really ought to put on too much perfume so I can't smell anything else but myself.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Check it out!

Yet another YouTube clip for you to enjoy, and this time, it's a little different. I am posting it to show off my little brother! This is the song "Rush" by a band called 7 Mile Drive. My brother plays bass in the band. He is the one with the long hair.

I have to say, I am impressed. They are better than I thought they would be! :) Way to go, little bro (and the rest of the band too)!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reality tv this week

Hello, here's the roundup of all the reality competition shows I've watched this week:

The Amazing Race: The contestants had to race around Accra, the capital of Ghana. Their "road block" challenge involved either setting up a tv antenna for a person or delivering a coffin to a showroom. At first I thought delivering a coffin would be easier, but those things were weird shaped (but cool) and the traffic there seems crazy and unrelenting! Accra seems like a hustling, bustling, interesting city. The home shopping chicks team finished first, which is impressive considering one of them got pelted in the face with a watermelon last week. (Look it up on YouTube, it's brutal!) The team eliminated this week was the birth mother/daughter. I was a little bummed- their story was touching and it would have been cool to see them have more time to compete and bond. And of course, my favorite team, TEAM JUMBA! (that's the father/son team, Michael and Kevin), did better this week! They started the episode in 7th place and ended in 3rd! GO TEAM JUMBA!

Dancing With the Stars: Hot off the controversy from last week of Bruno telling Michael Bolton he had the worst jive ever in any of the seasons and then giving him a 3 (Bolton went home), this week brought story night. I didn't really "get" some of the stories, but I watch just as much for the awful dances as the great ones. Audrina did do a really good job and deserved the top of the leader board this week. Jennifer Grey was ok but I think she is a teensy bit overrated. Kyle Massey is still my favorite! Bristol Palin and The Situation looked awkward but like they were legitimately trying, so I am glad they made it through this week. Margaret Cho, with her rainbow fringey dress and "pride" story dance were eliminated. I think her dancing improved, and the judges seemed to like her. I think what did her in was the little speech in front of Brooke Burke. I was about a sad and disturbing news story. Margaret appeared to be shaken up and angry about it. You could tell Brooke Burke didn't expect that, because there were a few seconds of painful, awkward silence and then, "Let's get those scores." That's why they call it reality tv, I guess!

The best part of the results episode was that they got Michael Bolton to replace Susan Boyle, who had to pull out of performing because she was sick. Bolton only had 1 hour of rehearsal and did an amazing job! I've also never heard Ne-Yo before, and he was sick beforehand too, but I really liked his performance! I don't normally watch the results show because I get sick of watching the pro dancers, and most of the singers aren't that good, but I was officially impressed with this one!

Hell's Kitchen: I love the 2 back-to-back episodes every week! The first episode had the contestants cooking for the Beverly Hills High School prom. One of the guys yelled at the prom committee and when they told him to watch his language, he was like, "I'm a grown @$$ed man!" at which point, another guy took over talking to the teenagers. Now, I am annoyed by rude teenagers as much as the next person, but I don't swear at them. Plus, it was their prom, a once-in-a-lifetime event, and they wanted it to be awesome. I never went to my prom, but I still understand why they were trying to get the guys to decorate it just right.

I am not seeing any real standout contestants too much, except maybe Gail at this point. Gail just flies under the radar, doesn't talk back, and cooks pretty well. The girl's team wasn't working together too well. The guy's team was trying to work together but just don't cook as well. Emily got sent home from the first episode.

The second episode involved the contestants making signature salad entrees (the guy's team squeaked out a victory), and dinner service had a special chef's table right in the kitchen. I can't imagine wanting to be seated there, because of all the terrible language that they bleep out in the episodes! I imagine it's much worse actually sitting there, and it probably isn't for the faint of heart. I can't believe they talk like that in front of little old ladies! I still can't believe that they can't seem to figure out how to properly cook food and not send it up raw. Where do they find these people? Melissa got sent home (after getting traded for Trev to the other team) because she couldn't cook scallops right and POUNDS of them got thrown into the trash. Why, oh why won't Sabrina get sent home? She won't do prep, she can't keep her station under control, and she has an attitude that would tick off the rude guests on Maury Povich and Jerry Springer!

America's Next Top Model: I swear, they come up with some of the wackiest stuff on this show! This week had a runway challenge with a runway made out of conveyor belts. Now I know some runway shows might be like that in real life, but I think the models would get some practice on it beforehand. I felt bad for the girls because they didn't get any runs on it before the big show (which they shut down a highway tunnel for, neat!) The photo shoot was in a wrestling ring, with crazy awesome Mexican-style wrestlers (remember the cartoon Mucha Lucha? It's like that). Poor Ann, who got top picture 3 weeks in a row, had a tough time with this one. It looked like many of the girls had difficulty with this one. They either couldn't get into character, or couldn't get their character to be "angry pretty," aka show emotion but still have model quality. At panel, Ann said she was disappointed in her performance and sad that she let the judges down, but guess who ended up getting best picture? Ann again! This 6'2", "too tall to model" girl is going to be tough to beat! She had better end up in the finals, and I hope she wins! I also have to say that Esther is awesome, since she is a Boston girl, but I think I like Ann. Lexie went home, which I was a little bummed about, but I definitely saw it coming.

So that's my reality roundup, did you watch any of those shows? If so, what did you think? If not, what do you like to watch?