Sunday, July 11, 2010

Muppet Nightmares

I haven't started having Muppet nightmares, but I know it's in my near future at the rate things are going. Curly Girly hands me the remote every day going "Elmooo peeease?" I won't even tell you how many episodes of Sesame Street I watch a day. If that's not scary enough, she's got Elmo books, DVDs, toys, and potty, so I'm not safe in any room of the house.

In fact, the one room that should be a haven, and Elmo-free zone, is the worst, Elmo-iest place in the world. My bedroom has even been infiltrated by that furry red Muppet. You see, I have Curly Girly's birthday preparations in my room to keep safe from grubby 1 year old mitts. That means Elmo party favors and decorations in a big box in my room. And the scariest Elmo of all is in there. We got her a stuffed Elmo with glowing eyes. Darn thing is freaky. Might come get us in our sleep. *shudders*

So if you hear someone screaming from the Midwest in the middle of the night, it's just me, either waking up from the worst and furriest dream of my life, or being attacked by the scariest Elmo doll ever.


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