Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting ready for an Elmo-stravaganza.

Curly Girly loves many things. Her parents of course, and her kitties. Strawberries. Dirt. Jonas Brothers. Imagination Movers. Monkeys. Cookies. Tacos. The list goes on. But her undying love and infatuation is ELMO. So we are planning an Elmo party for her 2nd birthday.

We went overboard on her first birthday. What one year old needs cake AND cupcakes? (It was, in my defense, a cupcake themed party, but still...) And the pinata? One year olds have no patience and skill to pull strings on a pinata. So it sat there with the candy still in it. So you think we (read: I) would have learned. But nooooo. There may not be cupcakes this year. But this is probably going to be a ridiculously Elmo filled birthday party and way overboard for a two year old.

I am cheaping out on the decorations. No fancy Elmo tablecloth and plates and fancy colored plastic tableware. I bought solid red balloons and some red crepe paper on clearance at work. As soon as the 4th is over, I will head to clearance to add paper plates, cups, and napkins. I also intend to find a cheap orange tablecloth and orange crepe paper. I did buy 2 Elmo mylar balloons, but I searched the internet for about a month finding the cheapest ones ($1.40 on Amazon, as opposed to $3.00 for the inflated ones of the same pattern at work). I also finally bought a Cricut machine (which I've been drooling over for years, so I found a cheap one on eBay), and the first cartridge I got for it? Elmo's Party, so I can make the invitations and decorations right here!

I should probably also mention that I have been planning this party since early June (maybe even late May), and her party isn't until late September. No, I take that back. I got her first party supplies in DECEMBER, before Christmas. (I won a gift card to a site that had Elmo party stuff so I got the cake pan and some Elmo books for the goody bags for just the price of shipping, hooray!) So that gives you an idea of how involved I am with this party that she probably won't remember and that I really don't have much else to do.

I may have taken the cheap route on the decorations, but I tend to splurge on the goody bags. I want the other kids to feel special too, and the goody bags are like my special mark on the party, if that makes sense. Last year I didn't put too much in the bags (crayons, fake tattoos, etc.) but I personalized little pink canvas-y bags with each little girl's name. This year, the goody bags aren't personalized (yet?!) but they will be filled with enough awesome stuff to make any Elmo-loving toddler happy.

This year's goody bag, put in orange rubbery basket totes (75 cents each, woo!):
*Elmo musical alphabet book (used gift card)
*Sesame Street activity book (used gift card)
*Elmo or Big Bird sticker paper doll book (used gift card)
*bubbles (50 cents each, removed labels and replaced them with Elmo stickers)
*glow bracelets ($1.00 for a 15 pack so about 18 cents per goody bag)
*Elmo sippy cup (used gift card)
 *Elmo scratch n sniff stickers ($2.00, or 33 cents a goody bag)
*9" Plush Elmo ($4.88 each from eBay)
*Elmo colored bath fizzy tablets (96 cents each)
*Elmo washcloth (got a 6 pack for just under $5 on eBay)

When I used the gift card, I did pay shipping, which probably amounts to *maybe* $1.50 per goody bag. Even with that, I think I am still under $10 per bag, which I know may be a lot, but the stuff in there is worth way more than what I paid. I am hoping the room full of two and three year olds will be super excited to open them and discover the goodies inside. I also intend to buy a small amount of candy for them as well, which I already have Elmo plastic bags to put it in (paid for with gift card).

I also bought Curly Girly a super cute Elmo dress ($7.50ish on eBay), and her present, an Elmo Loves You doll ($26). We wanted to get her the Elmo Live! Encore doll, but it's $60 and you can't play with it, just watch it, and 2 year olds want toys they can play with! 

So here's the breakdown:

Cake pan, plastic bags, 6 Elmo books, 6 activity books, 6 sticker doll books, 6 sippy cups: $12.00
6 Elmo plush: $29.28
Elmo stickers: $2.00
Elmo washcloths: $4.74
2 Elmo mylar balloons:  $2.80
Elmo dress: $7.24
6 Elmo bath fizzies: $5.60
6 Bubbles: $3.21
Elmo Cricut cartridge (not including Cricut cause that was not just for the party): $20.00
Elmo Loves You doll: $26.99
glow bracelets: $1.07
Crepe paper and balloons: $2.41
6 orange totes: $4.82

TOTAL SO FAR: $122.15 (includes tax)

It sure does add up fast, doesn't it? We still need paper plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth, and one more crepe paper. Food for the party will just be part of our normal groceries so no big deal there. I really hope Curly Girly likes her party!

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