Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reality TV week of 11/28

Another finale this week, and one less show for me to talk about! Here we go!

*The Amazing Race- the 4 final teams went to China this week! Hong Kong to be more specific. They raced out of the busy city to a cave, and right back into the city to Majesty Chinese Restaurant to a challenge that looked fun but ended up not being so much so! The restaurant was filled with tons of happy people eating and singing karaoke. However, this detour involved one team member finding a piece of fake food among a giant buffet table full of yummy looking dishes. It would have been easy if they could merely poke around for it, but no! If they poked a food, they had to eat it. This led to members on two teams (Brook and Claire, Nick and Vicki) eating so much that they had to run to the bathroom to be sick. Honestly, that is probably one of the grosser challenges I've seen. They didn't show the grossness, but they really could have not played the barf sounds for us to hear.

From there, teams raced to a statue of Bruce Lee (cool!) where they had two choices. They could take parakeets and deliver them to a boat whose number matched the cage's tag, or they could ride a bus through the city and look for 3 signs that stood out (they were in English, and one of them said "Pit Stop" right on it) to find out where this leg's pit stop on it. Nat and Kat (the doctors) were first, winning themselves a vacation. Nick and Vicki finished in last due to Nick being overtired and competely shutting down. I know shows have creative editing, but Nick was really being a jerk here. Vicki had just eaten until she puked and then got on a boat, and was just as tired, but couldn't do the bird challenge herself. Nick decided to give up and nap on the boat. The team took a 6 hour penalty to skip the challenge and finish the leg. Luckily for them, this was a non-elimination leg, but they have to take the 6 hour penalty and an extra challenge next leg. It doesn't look promising for them.

*Hell's Kitchen: This was a really non-dramatic episode! The final 4 had to cook a dish in 1/2 hour, and Chef Ramsay tried them and told them exactly what was in each one just by taste- it was amazing! From there, the real challenge began- Chef had made a dish for them to try and them gave them half an hour to recreate it! Trev forgot to put his carrot puree on the dish, which was a bummer since he got it right and the others all used yam. Russell and Nona both got the main meat, veal, correct. Nona got the closest to the original dish and won a day of pampering. She chose to take Russell instead of her "buddy" Jillian, for strategic reasons. Jillian was upset and discouraged, which Chef Ramsay noticed. He took her to his office before the dinner service for a pep talk.

The pep talk must have worked because Jillian pretty much had a perfect service! Nona messed up the risotto twice but that was easy enough to fix. Russell hit a snag on the fish station when he sent up a dish of raw fish once or twice. Trev was doing excellently on the meat station, but he was overwhelmed and would forget how to cut the meat or what to send up, causing Chef Ramsay to send him to the dining room to cool off for a minute, and he plated the meat himself, which was not something he'd normally do. They finished the dinner service easily, and Chef congratulated them but sent them to pick the bottom two. Russell and Trev were sent up and each pleaded their case. Chef Ramsay surprised them all by sending no one home, AND letting them visit with their family members for a little while! Expect two chefs to be sent home next week and lots of drama judging by the previews!

*America's Next Top Model- This week was the finale! The final 2, Chelsey and Ann, went to a photo shoot for Vogue Italia at the beginning of the episode. They were supposed to be natural but still model-y, and both girls did an excellent job. Next it was off to film their Cover Girl commercial, which luckily for them involved filming the acting first and recording the voices later, with no pesky memorizing needed! After the commercial, the girls were surprised with having some family members visit them. Chelsey's parents came, and Ann's parents and little brother came. All the parents were amazed at how beautiful their daughters were and how well they were doing. And the girls got another surprise when they were told their families would be front row at the final fashion show!

The final fashion show was a fairly straighforward thing, not like some of the stranger ones (remember the screaming brides one?) of seasons past. It was the typical chaos backstage, with poised models coming out to walk anyway. Previous contestants Jane, Kayla, Chris, and Liz were back to walk in the show, as was last cycle's winner, Krista. After the show was the final judging, where they showed the commercial and Cover Girl photos, as well as video from the fashion show. Both girls were criticized quite a bit on their walks, their commercial, and their photos, to the point where I wasn't sure what was going to happen! After the girls went to await their fate, the judges got pretty loud trying to decide who would win. Chelsey had the most obvious model aspirations, the most knowledge of the industry, and the most engaging personality. Ann had 6 top photos this season, which is a record, and despite being 6'2", had a body that fit the clothes really well. Chelsey's photos weren't as strong, and Ann was really shy and not the best at walking the runways. So who won? The judges picked Ann and her awkward beauty to be America's Next Top Model! Finally, someone that I wanted to win actually won! The girls that I have wanted to win in the past 3 seasons all came in 2nd place, so I am glad to see my favorite win this time!

Well, that's all for this week, and the list of shows I watch will be down to 2 next week! And I think both of those will be over in two weeks. What will I watch then? Yipes!

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