Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reality tv week of 12/12

Last week was the final week of The Amazing Race and Hell's Kitchen. But both were so predictable and noneventful that it took me this long to get around to talking about it! Sorry!

*The Amazing Race: The final 3 teams raced back to California, where put together part of a parade float and had issues finding cabbies to take them to their final locations. Of course, this is the one episode that ended up all glitchy on my DVR, but it was so boring that it didn't really matter. Nat and Kat, the doctors, were the winners. Woo. Hoo. The host announced that popular teams that didn't win would be back for next season to try again. They showed clips of a lot of this season's teams, which is pretty midleading because most of them won't be on the next season. The final cast for the next season hasn't been officially announced. However, even though Team Jumba was shown on the teaser, I am pretty sure they didn't compete in the new season. Bummer! That would have been really cool.

*Hell's Kitchen: Russell and Nona were the two finalists. Typical final individual challenge was the two cooks making 5 dishes in an hour and having professional chefs judge them. It was a close challenge but Russell ended up winning that. Then, old castoffs came back to make up the chef teams for the two finalists to make it through their final dinner services. Nona had issues when Boris made something wrong like 3 or 4 times- she told him to cook something for 5 minutes, and even after that he kept cooking it for 4! Russell had problems trying to get Vinny to do much. Vinny wasn't actively trying to derail him, but he wasn't trying too hard to help Russell win either since he felt that Russell was the cause of him going home before the final 6. In the end, Nona won the season and the chance to work at an awesome fancy restaurant, and Russell vowed that none of the other chefs that season would ever work in the same city as him because he'd say bad stuff about them till they turned tail and ran away. Stay classy, Russell.

So anyway, now I have no reality tv to watch, so I guess I won't be doing these for a while. ucky you guys!

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