Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reality tv week of 12/5

There's only 2 shows I watch right now, and they both end next week! I tried to watch Skating With The Stars, but I just couldn't get into it. (I do hope that Brandon Mychal Smith wins though, I did see that he was sick this week and the judges rated a video of his rehearsal and were pretty harsh!) Anyway, here goes!

*The Amazing Race: The teams went from China to South Korea this week. First they had to drive up to the border near North Korea, which is sort of scary but I guess not too bad if they were able to film a reality show there. Then, they had to go into the demilitarized zone and go rafting down a river. From there, they took military vehicles to a US military installation (Camp Casey, I think it was called), where they had to match some symbols to a soldier's headband, and then the matching soldier kicked through a board revealing their clue. After that they had two choices- speed skating (or should I say "speed" skating) or deliver big ginseng roots. Then they had to go to a park to find an airplane statue, and from there was a temple that was the pit stop.

Nick and Vicki were behind because of the 6 hour penalty they took last leg, and at first it looked like the playing field would be evened because there was only one flight that day to South Korea and the other teams had to wait for it. Alas, Nick and Vicki were mere minutes late for the flight, and had to wait 9 hours for the next one! They also had an extra penalty challenge for being last on a non-elimination leg, which involved washing a ginormous tank. They realized once they missed that first flight that they were done for, and they weren't even shown throughout the majority of the episode. They were shown at a montage at the end and they looked like they had a lot of fun, because they knew they couldn't catch up and just enjoyed themselves. Brook and Claire got to the pit stop first, but had a penalty because they took a taxi during a point where they could only walk or take public transportation (did they learn nothing from Team Jumba?), and that cost them first place and the vacation prize that came along with it. Jill and Thomas (the only man standing) got first place, followed by Brook and Claire, and Nat and Kat.

I've heard that next week's episode takes them back to the US to sunny California! And the previews said that there will be an announcement regarding next season. I wonder what it could be? And who do you think will win this season? It's hard for me to tell at this point!

*Hell's Kitchen- The final 4 were spared last week, but this week the field was cut to 2! The challenge this week was to pick two flags and make a dish combining those two country's food styles. Trev got Mexico and China, and despite all the hot peppers he put in there, his dish was called bland. Russell's dish was slammed as well (France and India, and he clearly focused on French). Nona, who got Greece and Italy, was also met with disappointment. Jillian, who didn't have enough time to cook her beans for her Spanish/Thai dish and had to make rice instead, was panicking about her dish but ended up winning the challenge! The reward was dinner with Chef Ramsay and her family!The losers had to move furniture out of their apartment and then prep for that night's dinner service.

The dinner service moved fairly smoothly, and each contestant had their turn running the pass (aka being a little Chef Ramsay), and the show's sous chefs were sabotaging them by making stuff wrong on purpose to see if they were paying attention. Nona did well at calling out orders but didn't realize a wrong side had come up. Russell had trouble calling orders but watched the food like a hawk and mistakes didn't get past him. Trev was being ignored by his fellow contestants but noticed the incorrect food. Jillian was hollering her orders like Chef Ramsay would, swearing and all, but she missed a mistake on a main dish. After the service, Chef told them to discuss who should stay and who should go, but that didn't matter, since he had pretty much made up his mind. As soon as the final 4 came out, Chef sent Trev home. After that, he gave the other 3 the chance to say why they should stay. Russell was announced as the first finalist, Nona the second. I was shocked! I thought for sure that Jillian would have made it through. At this point, I hope Nona beats Russell because Russell is so arrogant!

One more week of updates and then I have no shows to watch! What will I blab on about next?

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