Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reality tv this week

I know I missed posting about last week's shows, but since no one reads this anyway, it doesn't really matter, does it? Anyhow, Hell's Kitchen was hilarious this week. One team gets totally drunk, and trying to cook food while hungover looks completely amusing (for me, not for them). I also like when Chef Ramsay makes the teams pick nominees to go home when it is apparent that he already has his own pick in mind. It's smart though, because then he can see a bit more about the dynamics of the contestants. I haven't decided whether or not I like that Fox shows 2 episodes at a time. I do like 2 hours of entertainment, but I don't like that this shortens the season, or that I have to sit through it for another two hours while my husband watches it on DVR the next morning.

Does anyone else watch the show and get grossed out? This week's moment of nastiness (to me) occurred when Nilka was cooking in the dining room tableside and touched the guest of honor's shoulders with her gloved hands. In my mind, she probably went back to cooking without changing her gloves or washing her hands. GROSS! Maybe it's just my way too long in fast food jobs that make me cringe about stuff like that. But if anyone has seen past seasons, that is just the tip of the grossness iceberg. People serving raw meat, people cooking with uncovered burns, and even someone who tried to pull pasta out of the garbage and serve it to a customer! Where do they find these people?

The Bachelorette was dramatic this week too. It finally came out that Justin "Rated R" was on the show just to get fame and further his wrestling "career," and that he had not one girlfriend at home, but two. Way to make 3 chicks mad at you, dude! After that came to light and got dealt with, it wasn't too exciting. It's hard to pick a favorite guy because they are all sort of boring and don't stand out to me. I guess I am still rooting for Chris because he is from Massachusetts and that improves his coolness factor a little bit.

And last but not least, I watched America's Got Talent tonight. Some of the talents amaze me, as well as some of the "talents." I like that a guy thought that sneezing with his eyes open was a talent. I was impressed by a tiny guy with a huge singing voice, some really good belly dancers, a tap dancing guy who was 74, and some pogo stick acrobats. I have to say though that I mainly watch the show for the bad acts and probably won't watch too many more episodes.

Until next week!

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