Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get $$ back on your Halloween costume?

Have you picked out your Halloween costume yet? If not, there is a good deal going on now through Swagbucks that can make you at least $5 back in SB points (almost $10 if you choose an Amazon.com gift card, $5 if you choose Paypal)! What is Swagbucks, you ask? It's a search engine site (sort of like Google), only you win points for searching, and you use those points toward awesome rewards!

If searching isn't getting you enough points, you can get them through their toolbar, "Swidget" widget, completing offers, taking surveys, and special codes that they sometimes release. 450 Swagbucks will get you $5 toward Amazon.com, and 700 Swagbucks will get you $5 in cold, hard cash through Paypal! And just so you know it's legitimate, I will show you all times I got $5 Amazon.com codes!

Wait, there's more, I couldn't fit it all in one screen...

I also managed to get one gift card cut off between those two pictures, so in case you're keeping track that's 2 pages of $70 each and one $5 I missed....$145 in gift cards to Amazon! I used some of them to buy my daughter a nice toy kitchen for Christmas last year! So I know the site is REAL!

I just redeemed for another $5 Amazon code today, and I'm already up to another 288 points today alone! That's over half way to another $5 Amazon! It really does come in handy around Christmas time! This next picture is showing some of what I earned today, thanks to searching, doing a few offers, and having my little brother as a new referral. Nifty! Note this isn't all of what I earned today but it's all that fit onto that page.

So what does this have to do with Halloween, you might ask? How are you going to get $ back for buying a Halloween costume? Well, Swagbucks has a special deal going through tomorrow. All you have to do is complete offers and surveys, and the more you do the better the bonus you will get. Here's the details straight from the Swag Blog:

  • Earn 20-99 total Swag Bucks and you've drawn a Walk, which gets you a bonus of 5 SB
  • Earn 100-199 total Swag Bucks and you've hit a Single, which gets you a bonus of 15 SB
  • Earn 200-299 total Swag Bucks and you've hit a Double into the gap - you've also earned a bonus of 30 SB
  • Line a Triple into the corner by earning 300-399 total Swag Bucks- you'll also receive a bonus of 50 SB
  • You'll hit a Home run if you earn 400-599 total Swag Bucks, and a bonus of 100 SB will be coming your way.
  • A Grand Slam means you've earned 600+ Swag Bucks, and that comes with a 200 SB bonus!

Here's where your Halloween costume comes in. Order your costume from Costume Express on their special offers page and get 403 Swagbucks, earning yourself the 100 Swagbucks bonus...right there you already have enough for a $5 Amazon code! Plus, you get 30 (I think) Swagbucks just for signing up, and more points when you search!

Or, order your costume from BuyCostumes.com (also on the offers page) and get 615 Swagbucks, and earn yourself the extra 200 Swabucks bonus...that's 815 right there, plus the 30 for signing up...you're up to 845 and 900 is enough to get you 2 $5 Amazon.com gift cards, so a day or two of searching ought to take care of that!

The only thing is, you only have till midnight tomorrow to take advantage of this, so you'd better hurry and pick out your perfect costume if you want to get this good deal.

But there is another great thing going on over at Swagbucks right now! They have 4 limited edition Swagbucks that you may come across when searching (a 7, a 12, a 15, and a 32, you can see them over in the Swag Blog at Swagbucks), and if you come across all 4 in searches before Monday, you get a 100 Swagbucks bonus! That's pretty cool!

Just go to the button below to sign up, or you can sign up through the "Swidget" on the right side of my page. Hope you get in on this awesome deal! Happy Halloween, everybody!

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