Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Robots are taking over!

Ok, so maybe they aren't taking over, but robots are getting pretty advanced these days. Check out this video from Japan. The lady singing and dancing in the center is a robot!

Did you see how lifelike the face is? It even blinks! The mouth movements are a little off but pretty cool. It does have some scary man-hands though! It doesn't move like a person either, but it does have fairly fluid movements. I am amazed that they make it dance like that, and that its voice isn't very "robot" sounding. It also talks in the same voice. I am thinking that a lot of other people are amazed/weirded out like I am, because over a million people have watched this on YouTube! If you want to see more of this robot, just search YouTube for "HRP-4C" and you can watch her dancing, singing, walking, talking, even stretching and exercising!

What do you think? Do you think in the future everyone will have robots in their houses? My husband thinks it's a little creepy and wouldn't want one so lifelike. Guess he will be doing his own chores in the future then! :)


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