Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekly reality roundup

Ok, I watched 3 out of my 4 usual reality shows this week. The 4th wasn't on (boohoo!). So here's how they all went...

*The Amazing Race- I am very impressed by Team Jumba this week! Michael and Kevin went from dead last to first for a while, and then finished in 3rd or 4th (is it sad that I don't remember?). They came in last last week but luckily it was a non-elimination week. But that meant they had to do an extra challenge that no other teams had to do. Their challenge? Sit in a freezer on chairs made out of ice for ten minutes. Sounds not too bad, if a little chilly on the hiney. They were smart enough to find out about earlier flights to the Arctic Circle, which probably is what helped them so much. I was sort of sad at how some of the dating couples treated each other- there are some really mean boyfriends on that show! Boo to mean people! I am just happy that the annoying a capella singers went from first last week to being sent home this week. Their singing bothered me so much!

*Dancing With the Stars- This week was Tv Theme week, where the contestants had to perform their dances to theme songs from tv shows. I was least impressed by Brandy and Maks dancing to the "Friends" theme, but the judges were enamored with it enough that it was this week's encore dance.  I didn't really agree with the judges on a lot of their decisions this week. Poor Kyle Massey, who did a clean dance (although it's hard to do a Foxtrot to the "Charlie's Angels" theme), and Len didn't like it and gave him a 5! And then he gave Bristol Palin a 6 even though she forgot half of her dance! I have to give it to Bristol though, dancing in a monkey suit gets respect from me! I think it's awesome! Sadly, poor Mrs. Brady went home after dancing to the "Brady Bunch" theme. Bummer, I liked Florence Henderson, she had some great moves for an old lady!

*Hell's Kitchen- After leaving us with a cliffhanger last week (What will happen to Trev? Will he get sent home?), we won't find out the answer until November 10th! What a way to annoy me and build up anticipation at the same time! ARGH!

*America's Next Top Model- The reign of the almighty Ann has come to an end! After coming in first at panel for the last 5 (!!!) weeks, Lyz got best photo this week! Not to worry, Ann fans- she still came in third, and kicks major tooshie at the photo shoots! They ladies all had to dress like famous designers and act like the designer while still being all model-y. Lyz didn't even know who her designer was, but she just captured the guy's body language perfectly! It was Kendal, who had to portray Vera Wang, who got sent home this week. Another week of her just standing there, with dead looking eyes, all like "I'm a model, I'm beautiful, this is so easy!" I guess it's not so easy. It doesn't look easy from the outside, I can't imagine why any of the aspiring models treat it like a cakewalk?

Ok, no more to say, really. Until next time...

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