Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reality TV week of 10/24

Hi, here's what I watched this week!
*The Amazing Race: The contestants stayed up in the Arctic Circle this week. There was a challenge that the first team that completed it would get to skip the whole rest of the leg and go to the "Pit Stop" check point. The doctor team of Kat and Nat, who were in 1st place, went in and took the challenge- a traditional feast that involved eating all the meat off of a sheep's head! Gross! One of them was a vegetarian and they still did it! And they skipped the whole leg of the race and finished, still in first, way ahead of the others.

The remaining teams had to rappel off of a bridge, get a clue from a boat, and then climb back up the rope. Looked painful and requiring of a lot of strength! From there, teams could either bike to a sign, memorize a combination, go back to the starting point, unlock their bike lock, and retrieve their next clue, or go on a boat, lug fish up a hill, and get their clue. Some of the more athletic teams took the bike challenge, while my favorites, TEAM JUMBA! (that's Michael and Kevin) opted for the boat challenge. It turned out to be a good move for Jumba, who finished in 4th place at the end of the leg. The unfortunate team to be eliminated this week was a team of female volleyball players, who I didn't even really remember were competing until they went home. They weren't particularly memorable. Teams next week get to go to Russia- it looks like it'll be pretty interesting!

*Dancing With The Stars: It was "Rock and Roll Week." It makes me wonder this- if they are the "Number 1 show on TV" on Monday nights, why are they resorting to such lame and not-well-thought-out gimmicks? Rock and ballroom don't exactly mix very well, and I don't think that really got them too many more viewers. Anyhow, on to the actual dancing!

Kyle Massey (my favorite) did really well this week! Bristol Palin was surprisingly good, and I'm glad she got another chance after last week's monkey suit fiasco, because she really improved. Kurt Warner was good, I thought, but the judges weren't seeing it. Rick Fox was ok, but the judges seemed to like him. Jennifer Grey really didn't do well, and the judges definitely noticed. They had been a fan of her from the beginning and I never really thought she did that well, honestly. Audrina Patridge did ok but she seemed sort of blah. And Brandy did ok but the judges worshiped the ground she danced on! I honestly don't get it! Then they all did a group jive (?) contest, which just seemed like a judge's popularity contest, picking who they liked rather than who could dance. Surprise, surprise- Brandy won that part.

So who went home? It wasn't either of the two lowest scorers- Bristol or Kurt. It was the good but forgettable Audrina Patridge. At first I was like, "What?!" but then I realized I usually spaced out during her dances anyway. I'm still rooting for Kyle and Lacey to win! I also wouldn't really mind if Brandy went home next week. She annoys me.

*America's Next Top Model: The top 7 models had to do a Zac Posen runway show, followed by a commerical shoot for the fictional product "H2T water." The runway show had professional models, who were instructed to be snotty to the contestants to shake them up a little. It worked- Chris and Liz looked ticked off, and Ann looked freaked out! Chelsey won the challenge, getting 5 Zac Posen outfits, which was the one challenge prize that she really, really wanted.

The commercial shoot was a complete disaster. Liz giggled through the whole thing, Esther was blah, and Kayla had yet another dramatic meltdown. All 6'2" of Ann was having quite the issue trying to do the commercial while roller skating. It looked hard! In fact, I don't think a single girl had a good commercial to show at judging. In the end, Chris got the best of the week for her bubbly personality. Bottom two was Ann and Esther, and Ann was saved because of her quirky personality and previous 5 top photos. I liked Esther because she was from Boston, so I'm sad to see her go. I'm hoping Ann really gets it together and gains some confidence, because I really want her to win the whole thing!

That's all I watched this week, since Hell's Kitchen won't be back for another 2 weeks. :( Any suggestions of cheesy reality competitions for me to watch since I have way too much free time? :)

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