Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reality tv this week

Hello, here's the roundup of all the reality competition shows I've watched this week:

The Amazing Race: The contestants had to race around Accra, the capital of Ghana. Their "road block" challenge involved either setting up a tv antenna for a person or delivering a coffin to a showroom. At first I thought delivering a coffin would be easier, but those things were weird shaped (but cool) and the traffic there seems crazy and unrelenting! Accra seems like a hustling, bustling, interesting city. The home shopping chicks team finished first, which is impressive considering one of them got pelted in the face with a watermelon last week. (Look it up on YouTube, it's brutal!) The team eliminated this week was the birth mother/daughter. I was a little bummed- their story was touching and it would have been cool to see them have more time to compete and bond. And of course, my favorite team, TEAM JUMBA! (that's the father/son team, Michael and Kevin), did better this week! They started the episode in 7th place and ended in 3rd! GO TEAM JUMBA!

Dancing With the Stars: Hot off the controversy from last week of Bruno telling Michael Bolton he had the worst jive ever in any of the seasons and then giving him a 3 (Bolton went home), this week brought story night. I didn't really "get" some of the stories, but I watch just as much for the awful dances as the great ones. Audrina did do a really good job and deserved the top of the leader board this week. Jennifer Grey was ok but I think she is a teensy bit overrated. Kyle Massey is still my favorite! Bristol Palin and The Situation looked awkward but like they were legitimately trying, so I am glad they made it through this week. Margaret Cho, with her rainbow fringey dress and "pride" story dance were eliminated. I think her dancing improved, and the judges seemed to like her. I think what did her in was the little speech in front of Brooke Burke. I was about a sad and disturbing news story. Margaret appeared to be shaken up and angry about it. You could tell Brooke Burke didn't expect that, because there were a few seconds of painful, awkward silence and then, "Let's get those scores." That's why they call it reality tv, I guess!

The best part of the results episode was that they got Michael Bolton to replace Susan Boyle, who had to pull out of performing because she was sick. Bolton only had 1 hour of rehearsal and did an amazing job! I've also never heard Ne-Yo before, and he was sick beforehand too, but I really liked his performance! I don't normally watch the results show because I get sick of watching the pro dancers, and most of the singers aren't that good, but I was officially impressed with this one!

Hell's Kitchen: I love the 2 back-to-back episodes every week! The first episode had the contestants cooking for the Beverly Hills High School prom. One of the guys yelled at the prom committee and when they told him to watch his language, he was like, "I'm a grown @$$ed man!" at which point, another guy took over talking to the teenagers. Now, I am annoyed by rude teenagers as much as the next person, but I don't swear at them. Plus, it was their prom, a once-in-a-lifetime event, and they wanted it to be awesome. I never went to my prom, but I still understand why they were trying to get the guys to decorate it just right.

I am not seeing any real standout contestants too much, except maybe Gail at this point. Gail just flies under the radar, doesn't talk back, and cooks pretty well. The girl's team wasn't working together too well. The guy's team was trying to work together but just don't cook as well. Emily got sent home from the first episode.

The second episode involved the contestants making signature salad entrees (the guy's team squeaked out a victory), and dinner service had a special chef's table right in the kitchen. I can't imagine wanting to be seated there, because of all the terrible language that they bleep out in the episodes! I imagine it's much worse actually sitting there, and it probably isn't for the faint of heart. I can't believe they talk like that in front of little old ladies! I still can't believe that they can't seem to figure out how to properly cook food and not send it up raw. Where do they find these people? Melissa got sent home (after getting traded for Trev to the other team) because she couldn't cook scallops right and POUNDS of them got thrown into the trash. Why, oh why won't Sabrina get sent home? She won't do prep, she can't keep her station under control, and she has an attitude that would tick off the rude guests on Maury Povich and Jerry Springer!

America's Next Top Model: I swear, they come up with some of the wackiest stuff on this show! This week had a runway challenge with a runway made out of conveyor belts. Now I know some runway shows might be like that in real life, but I think the models would get some practice on it beforehand. I felt bad for the girls because they didn't get any runs on it before the big show (which they shut down a highway tunnel for, neat!) The photo shoot was in a wrestling ring, with crazy awesome Mexican-style wrestlers (remember the cartoon Mucha Lucha? It's like that). Poor Ann, who got top picture 3 weeks in a row, had a tough time with this one. It looked like many of the girls had difficulty with this one. They either couldn't get into character, or couldn't get their character to be "angry pretty," aka show emotion but still have model quality. At panel, Ann said she was disappointed in her performance and sad that she let the judges down, but guess who ended up getting best picture? Ann again! This 6'2", "too tall to model" girl is going to be tough to beat! She had better end up in the finals, and I hope she wins! I also have to say that Esther is awesome, since she is a Boston girl, but I think I like Ann. Lexie went home, which I was a little bummed about, but I definitely saw it coming.

So that's my reality roundup, did you watch any of those shows? If so, what did you think? If not, what do you like to watch?

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