Saturday, September 18, 2010

80s video dating dudes!

So I saw part of this video on RayWilliamJohnson's YouTube channel (he posts funny clips and talks about them), and I had to go find and watch the whole thing! It's clips from an 80s video dating service. Behold the 80s awesomeness:

I could tell you how funny I thought this was. But instead, I will tell you that I am glad I have never done video dating. I would be just as nervous and just as dorky. I've never done dating sites either. I'm sure profiles of those will show up in a whole bunch of years and make a whole new generation of people look silly.

I'm not really sure who thought that keeping dating videos from 25 years-ish ago was a good idea. The funny thing about this one is that Ellen Degeneres showed this video on her show last year, and actually tracked down 3 of the guys! And I know you're wondering- 2 of the 3 guys are still single.

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