Monday, September 6, 2010

Walking is hard!

I've decided I'm going to put up nifty YouTube clips on here from time to time. That way, you have something cool to watch, and I have something cool to talk about. Hopefully, you watched the funny Sesame Street clip I put up the other day. Today, here is a clip of Japanese precision marchers (I don't know if it's a drill team or what)...

Isn't that pretty cool? I was in marching band during high school, and I could barely march in a straight line even when I wasn't actually playing my instrument. Then I got the genius idea of joining the percussion section so I marched around all crooked with a giant drum strapped to my front. These marching guys don't have any problem walking in a straight line, or doing all sorts of neat formations. I'm in awe of their "mad marching skillz." Also, it occurs to me that I am glad that I don't drive, because if I ever got pulled over, I would fail a sobriety test if they asked me to walk in a straight line. (Would I even be able to drive in a straight line? I can't walk straight, I can't even cut a straight line with scissors!)



  1. Remember when your shoe got stuck in the mud?

  2. Yes, and to my credit, I still tried to keep on marching! Remember that Theresa tried to get my shoe out and got all grossed out by the mud? :)

  3. So the "oooo" and "aahhh" noises are totally all anime like. They sound like little kids.

    But that marching was pretty darn nifty!