Saturday, September 4, 2010


Ok, so my sister (1 of my whole 3 followers, whee) knows this already, but my other 2 probably don't, and I feel like talking about it anyway, so here goes. I like corn. Corn hates me. Stupid corn.

I suppose I'm not technically allergic to corn, but only because I haven't gotten officially testing. But corn is like the Joker to my Batman. It makes me sick and whiny and unpleasant to be around. It makes my stomach angry. Soaps and shampoos can make my skin come off in chunks. And when they cut down the corn field near my house, I get a little wheezy. Basically, not fun.

I was on some medication over the winter. It made me sick, but I needed it at the time, and I thought the medication just didn't agree with me. I was sick to my stomach every single day for 6 months, and I dropped down to almost 100 lbs. Then one day, I got the genius idea to see if there was corn in it. Surprise! Corn! I found a super good list of hidden corn ingredients (fancy chemical names and whatnot), and took it to my doctor. THAT was drama. The doctor kept switching my medications (at the time not knowing what the problem was), and upon discovering the problem, just told me either I could switch to a super expensive (but still problematic) med, or go back to a cheap one I knew I was already allergic to. In one phone conversation, I had the rudest nurse ever, who was like, "WHAT do you want us to do?" When I told her I just wanted to feel better, told me to try to get a prescription for a powerful anti-nausea medication that they give to people going through chemotherapy or extreme morning sickness. Chances are, I'd be allergic to that too.

I don't have a problem with the actual medications, it's the fillers and shells of the pills. I can't even take multivitamins without having issues. Even IV solution makes me queasy. I actually have a coworker with the same allergy, and she said she can't even take birth control, which is good for me to know. I haven't taken it, but I guess I won't, since I'm skinny and constant stomachaches don't help that!

Anyway, I quit the medications after my doctors told me they would just keep putting me on stuff I was allergic to. I don't recommend going cold turkey, but I was miserable, and they had me taking half pills of the lowest dose, trying to help me while minimizing the reactions, but since the reaction was from the actual pill, that didn't work.  I am feeling much better now, but I am wondering if all those medications caused some sort of long term or permanent damage? I wonder if any of you out in Internet-land know the answer to that. I am still getting stomachaches and the feeling of cold acid, especially in the mornings, which makes for unpleasant days at work. Today, I could barely eat at work, my stomach was bothering me, I kept getting shivers, and I was shaking like a chihuahua. And before you ask, because everyone does- no, I'm not pregnant. Yes, I'm sure I'm not pregnant. And this may be some sort of revenge on me for not getting morning sickness when I was pregnant. Ha!

So yeah, that's my little allergy story. I try to manage it, but grocery shopping is lame (seriously, corn is in so many things), and corn allergies aren't widely recognized yet, so it's hard to get doctors to listen about it. I feel like it will get better for me in time though. :) I am switching to nights at work (my husband got a job, yay!), and I think that will help me feel better. Plus, having a boss with the same allergy is super helpful since she is so understanding. I am determined to feel normal and human again!


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