Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ask Elmo!

Check it out! Elmo posted a video on YouTube so that people can ask him questions! How cool is that? Answer: Pretty darn cool!

And yes, I did indeed ask Elmo a question. There are so many things I want to ask him! Of course, some of them aren't appropriate questions...but I did ask him how he got his groovy dance moves! The questions with the most votes are the ones that get answered by Elmo, so if you have the time, please go to the Sesame Street YouTube page and vote in the "Moderator" box on the top right of the page. Once in Moderator, search for "dance" and my question will show up. My name on there is "duckyone" and I asked if he had to take dance lessons or was just born with awesome dance moves. Curly Girly would love it if Elmo answered my question, because she loves loves LOVES! Elmo. So please vote!

Thanks in advance!

OH! "Ask Elmo" has been showing up as an ad right below this blog post, so if you see it you can click and it will take you right to it! Badda-bing!

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