Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you ever wish your life had a soundtrack?

Have you ever watched Glee? I think I've seen 4 episodes- the very first one, one with Josh Groban in it, then last week and this week. Out of the 3, only last week's episode was mildly entertaining. Tonight's was drivel. Especially the part where the girl was having a baby and screaming and yelling in time to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." It was actually hard for me to watch- it was that stupid. The only redeeming part of the episode was when the judges of the singing competition (Josh Groban, Olivia Newton-John, the gym teacher character, and some other famous guy) were arguing. Josh Groban especially cracked me up.

It's amazing how many of life's problems they seem to think they can solve by singing. Peter Griffin wished for a soundtrack in an episode of Family Guy and THAT was cool. Glee is just annoying. They even sang as a response to how they did in the singing competition! I can't imagine that any real choir or glee club would ever sing near that much.

I was sitting there annoyed at how there is a song for everything on that show (I know that's pretty much the point of the show but it's still annoying, whatever.), and I was like, do people really break out into song in real life situations in public like that? No, no they don't. Oh wait...yes. Yes they do. I must tell you a strange but true fact- I do get sung to on a regular basis. I am not talking normal stuff, like my daughter trying to sing along to Sesame Street or me trying to sing Twinkle Twinkle to her. I actually do get sung to at work, and it is not an uncommon occurence.

At least my life's soundtrack is filled with so much cooler music than most of what they sing on Glee.

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