Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not a fan of tornado-type storms.

I think I was going to post about the TV shows I watched tonight. The Bachelorette was on tonight. But since the Curly Girly and I spent the better part of an hour lurking in our basement, I missed most of the show. The few minutes I did see appeared to be the contestants bad mouthing each other mostly. It was hard to tell, since in the first 10 minutes of the show, there were at least three weather alerts with that screechy honky alert noise. It was at that point that I got a call from my husband, who told me to get into the basement. I didn't hear the tornado sirens go off, but he did in the next town over.

I got down there just in time for the storm to really get going. I could hear tons of large-sounding hail smacking the windows. We just have one tiny window in the basement, so I didn't see the hail, but I could see the BLACK sky with lightning flashing. Water was starting to leak through that little window. Tornado-y storms always get my heart pounding, but the Curly Girly takes the whole thing in stride. She handled tonight's storm like a champ. She was thrilled to be in the basement, because she doesn't go down there often and there is much for a toddler to explore. She found the bag of toys I had hidden from her (her toy box was too full so I removed a few things I thought she wouldn't miss), as well as Daddy's tool box.

We got upstairs to see the sky lightening and blue on the horizon. Unfortunately, the hail had already melted so I couldn't take pictures, but a friend took a picture of the hail in her yard and it was almost the size of a baby food jar (and not the teeny tiny jars either). We have no hail damage here, and hopefully the apartment building down the street's roof is fixed enough that they didn't have further damage (their roof blew off in last week's scary storm). There was a tornado spotted 9 miles away, and another near the airport in my town, so hopefully everyone is safe and sound and there is minimal damage.

So yeah, nothing clever or interesting or even non-interesting to comment on tonight. Just glad and relieved to be safe, and happy that my little one is so calm during scary storms!


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