Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reality tv this week

Chef Ramsay is really keeping Hell's Kitchen viewers on the edges of their couch this season! I can never tell who is going home, who is going to get yelled at, and who is going to get singled out for doing an awesome job. It sort of makes me wish I could cook. But, since I can barely make macaroni and cheese out of a box, I wouldn't last a day in a kitchen like that.

You'd think that aspiring head chefs would be a little better at cooking. In season's past, I have seen cooks pull food out of the trash and try and serve it, cooks serving raw food or burnt food, even cooks sweating into the food. This season's contestants aren't particularly smarter, but at least they haven't nearly sickened anyone with food poisoning. This week's episode had one lady who apparently couldn't tell the difference between crab and lobster. On the one hand, that sounds dumb, but on the other hand, to me they are the same- both gross and fish scented and something I wouldn't eat. At any rate, I have no idea who is going to win this season! I really can't guess!

Also, watched The Bachelorette on Monday. Dudes aren't that smart. Attention Kasey: you shouldn't have gotten a tattoo to show your love to Ali. IT'S REALITY TV, NOT ACTUAL REALITY. Good luck getting that sucker lasered off! Again, no idea who is going to win, no one stands out too much. My current vote is for Chris, the dude from Cape Cod. And it's not just because he's from Mass!

Sesame Street has added a few more episodes in with the same reruns, so maybe I'll have some dirty Sesame stories soon...

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  1. I liked Chris best until he made fun of Weatherman last week. Weatherman was super lame this week and has been getting there slowly until now.

    Kasey is totally a creepy stalker type!

    I am actually thinking Roberto is going to be in it 'til the end.

    Oh and it was either last season or the season before that someone chopped the tip of their finger off and it was in the dish they were cooking, nowhere to be found. I'm pretty sure it got served :/