Saturday, June 5, 2010

Target is contagious.

I told my boss that Target is bad, and now he reminds me to not wear a red shirt. He went to Target the other day, and he came back wearing a red tie. Is that how it starts?

In other work related news, I just had my yearly evaluation, and even after the occasional heckling directed toward my bosses, I still have a job. It'll be 5 years there for me! Not too shabby, methinks.

In non-work related news, it's warm out. I know I was anxious to have some warm weather, but I'm near ready for winter already. I hate being sweaty. Also, my birthday is in less than a month. I'm rapidly running out of 20's to age to. 29, here I come! Would like gifts of tasty vittles or noisy toys. But if said gifts cannot be procured, I would be happy with no tornadoes. I'm not picky.


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  1. I had my friend, who just turned 22, tell me that I'm not too old, only a year older than her :( I had to tell her that I'm turning 24 in a few short months. I'm almost in my mid 20s!!

    And I agree with the hot weather. Its supposed to be about 106 here today and we are going to before mentioned friends apartment to swim.