Saturday, August 21, 2010

Doing the Snuffleupagus

As you well know, my kiddo is always either watching Sesame Street, or whining, "Elmo! Elmo peeeasssse!" I like to make lame jokes about the show all the time. I love Sesame Street, and I grew up watching it, but now that I'm grown up it just seems funnier. It's sort of interesting looking at the show you loved as a kid from a grown up point of view.

Kiddo was watching a Sesame Street DVD, and this particular clip was of Mr. Snuffleupagus teaching people his dance through a song. Before he starts singing, he says, "My mom says that anyone can do the Snuffleupagus." And my husband, who usually rolls his eyes when I make dirty Sesame Street jokes, says,

"I'm pretty sure that's illegal in all 50 states."

I'm sure at this point you may want to high five him, but you can't through the computer, so I'll do it for you. Now I have to up my game and come up with some better jokes.

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