Monday, August 30, 2010


I was looking through my Elmo's Party Cricut cartridge one day last week, trying to come up with stuff to make for Curly Girly's upcoming birthday party. For those of you unfamiliar with a Cricut book, each page shows what is on a particular button, and there are several choices for each button. So on the page I was looking at, there were assorted Elmo parts and the letter T from the Elmo font. Curly Girly comes up to me (because she has super Elmo radar), points to the page, and says "T."

"T, T, T."

My husband turns around and stares at her at this point, and we are both thinking it is a coincidence. So I turn the page, where there is an O up top and a P down the bottom, and she says, "P, P, P." At this point, she has boggled both of our little brains, trying to figure out if she really knows any letters at age 23 months or she is just lucky. So I go through the pages, one letter at a time, and she pointed to them and got at least half of them right!

She does have a Dr. Seuss "ABC" book, and a small Elmo alphabet board book, but those aren't her favorites and we don't read them too her often. I certainly haven't been teaching her letters, since I figured that would come much later. Our best guess is that she learned these letters from watching too much Sesame Street. And all this time I thought she wasn't paying attention to anything but Elmo, since she runs around so much. Since then, I have gotten out her package of foam letters and numbers, and she seems very interested in them, pointing out letters and acting very proud of herself. And of course, Mummy and Daddy are very proud of her too.

Who needs parents when you have Elmo? :)

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