Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Greetings from my Elmo nightmare.

No interesting or "funny" stories or dirty Sesame Street jokes today. We finally decided on a day for Curly Girly's 2nd birthday party, so I have been up to my eyeballs in Elmo eyeballs (and noses, and mouths, and other assorted Elmo bits). I am finally getting some use out of my Cricut that I bought recently! I have the Elmo's party cartridge (of course, and it's the only cartridge I've bought for it so far) and I am putting it to use. Last night I assembled birthday invitations last night at like 2AM (except for one defective Elmo hiney which I need to recut) and I am happy with them. They have pop-up Elmos inside! Tonight at about 1AM , I assembled 22 Elmo rectangles that will become a banner once I string them all together. They say "Happy Birthday [Curly Girly]" and they turned out nicely!

What's up next for the Cricut? Elmo name tags for the goody bags, thank you notes, and perhaps Elmo faces to put onto party hats if I can find red party hats. Finding party hats is apparently difficult, since Walmart stopped carrying them and so did the local party supply store. Guess I will be ordering them online. While my Cricut adventures don't look professional like they show on TV, I am happy with what I have made so far. After the kiddo's birthday, I will post pictures of the Elmo madness. With all the Elmos I have glued together thus far, it's a wonder I don't dream about being red and furry and wake up in a cold sweat.

In non-Muppet news, Curly Girly and I went to see Millie again. She was much more cheerful this week, and showed Catherine some birds that the nursing home has. Curly Girly wanted to get to the birds so bad that I had to keep her from banging on the glass. Millie's son and daughter-in-law were there visiting too so we all looked at birds and had a chat. Curly Girly got lots of comments on her curls, of course. We are planning on going again next week to see her. Her daughter-in-law said hopefully Millie will be out of there in a few short weeks, so prayers and good thoughts for her speedy recovery!

Now, it is insanely late and I should be resting up to chase after the kiddo again tomorrow. Assembling more Elmo stuff will probably wait until this weekend on my days off from work.

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