Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I like how I'm a mind reader.

So I got called in to work tonight since another unnamed individual likes to turn their two days off into three fairly regularly. Since my husband is currently jobless and we need the money, I am more than willing to come in and help out. Although I am still convinced that I should just have money given to me on account of I am awesome, but I digress. :)

Of course when I get to work, they steal back the cashier they had running the returns desk and I was all alone. And of course when I am alone, it is the busiest Tuesday known to man, at least by Nebraska standards. I had a nice long line, and things were moving smoothly enough that by the time management decided I needed help, my boss only helped one customer before I got the line down. It was busy enough that I couldn't get to the phone right away or even pick up after myself right away. 

A dude from another department came up there, which is normal because they drop stuff off for customers to buy or take their returns. I notice after a minute that he is standing behind me. He's not saying a word, making any sort of motion, or doing much of anything, save breathing. I finish up with a customer, turn around to look at him and generally acknowledge his presence, and then turn forward again and call for the next customer. All of a sudden, the dude goes, "I hate customer service workers so much!" and walks away.

So here I am, looking all like ???? and I say to him as he is walking away, "What do you need?" I'm not sure what he needed because his grumblings weren't loud enough as he kept walking away. I still don't know what he wanted. I may have a college degree but I am not psychic! Dude, next time you want something, try saying hi or telling me what you want instead of hovering behind me and then storming away and being rude. Seriously.

-duckyone (who thinks tomorrow will be better!)

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