Tuesday, May 4, 2010

8 years!

It's been 8 years since me and my husband got married! It's been 8 years, 3 states, 2 cats, and 1 curly haired baby girl since May 4th, 2002. We drive each other nuts, get on each others' nerves, and we're also best buddies who can just hang out together. I do follow him around wherever he wants to move to, and I've been cleaning up after his messes for 8 years.

Still, it doesn't feel like that long. I remember our wedding day pretty clearly. He picked me up at school, we went to the JP, and got married by a lady in a bright yellow t-shirt with a knick-knack filled house and her giant fat cat. Then we grabbed burgers for lunch. We went to Hampton Beach after that and played at the arcades. Then we went to play mini-golf, where we took silly pictures all dressed up and posing with giant plastic dinosaurs. Then we went up to Rye Beach just to see the scenery. Finally, we went back down to Newburyport, where we had dinner with the parents. The night ended with us going to our apartment down in Beverly, where he had been living but I hadn't. The next day, we went to Boston and saw the aquarium. We got lost a little on the T, but not for too long, and that night, I went back to school so I could stay there through finals.

That must be a weird story for anyone else. We didn't have a fancy wedding. We have hardly any pictures of that day, and no really nice ones. We did have a party at my mom's house the next month to celebrate our getting married (as well as my 21st birthday). That day was fun too, even if it was like 90 degrees outside and most of us ended up sunburned. It might have been nice to have an actual wedding, and I would have liked to have gotten married at my church, but overall, it was a good day and I wouldn't change it. It was a lot less stressful to have a fun day instead of a fully planned wedding.


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