Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The scariest thing on Sesame Street

My sister had wanted me to watch an interesting Sesame Street clip, but I found perhaps the creepiest thing ever! I was watching an episode tonight (thank goodness for DVR), and Elmo's World was having a "skin" theme. And while there are so many ways I could go with that, that's not even the creepiest part! Elmo got a video message from Ernie on his computer, and he we see how truly messed up Ernie really is.

Ernie was blindfolded so he could demonstrate how his skin can feel things and he can tell what they are without even seeing them. Let's see if you can guess what Ernie was touching with the following 2 clues, which were spoken by Ernie.

1. One part is "Round and squishy."
2. Another part of the same thing is "Smooth, thin, and floppy like a garden hose."

Now just think about it. What on Earth could Ernie possibly be touching that could feel like that? Ok, now I will give you the answer right away so you don't go off on too weird of a tangent from this. Ernie was touching...


That's all I have to say about that.

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  1. Just in case anyone is wondering, the episode is "Baby Bear is Afraid of Bees."