Friday, May 14, 2010


My daughter said her first words in December. They were, "Hi, Daddy!" She was born a Daddy's girl, and she practically worships the ground he walks on. So it's no surprise that she would say his name first. She's had my husband wrapped around her little finger since before she was even born. During ultrasounds, he would just stare up at the screen, in love with his little princess.

Mummy, on the other hand? Might as well not exist. Sure, I feed her, change her, play with her, read to her, and make sure her room and laundry are always clean, but does any of that matter? I'm not fun like Daddy is. Moms just can't live up to dads in the eyes of their little girls.

Everyone told me that "mommy" would be her first word. I was trying to teach her "Daddy," my husband was trying to teach her "Mummy." So what did she say after Daddy?

Baby, Shoes, Cheese, Kitty, Boo (cat's name), Sticker, Please, Thank You "doo!", Pee, Poopoo, Tree, Pizza, Taco, Cookie, Juice, Eyes, Yummy... (and there may be a few more I'm forgetting)...

Then finally! This week, 5 long months later, I was reading her a book, she was all snuggly in my arms, and she looks up at me and says, "Mama...mama." I thought maybe she was babbling at first, since she can converse entirely in babbles. But my husband told her the other night that they were going to pick up Mummy from work, and in the car, she said "Mama!"

I may not ever be her favorite, but at least I exist now.


  1. I think the triplets, at least the girls, are Daddy's girls! Emma refuses to say Mumma most times, esp. if Daddy is around. If I ask her who that is and point to Daddy, she says Dada, if I ask who am I, she says MEEE! and points to herself.

  2. Yes, you can definitely tell that the three of them are related! But I think that Duders is a momma's boy. I'm sure if he was a girl it would be all daddy, all the time. :)