Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What to watch now?

All my favorite reality shows start around the same time. Now they are all over for the season or almost over. First America's Best Dance Crew, then America's Next Top Model, and next week, Dancing With The Stars will be done.

Reality TV is what keeps me sane after a day filled with Sesame Street, stupid Chuggington, and baby babbles. It's nice to have something entertaining to watch that has actual adults on it. I do suppose that now that I either despise every kid show and/or think is is demented and perverted, I really should turn off the tv. Hopefully this summer won't be filled with as many thunderstorms and tornadoes as last year, and me and the wee one can get outside more.

But if anyone has any suggestions of entertaining reality tv, I am open to watching something different. I don't like anything scary or loaded with vulgarity. That basically rules out most stuff on MTV (which is infinitely less entertaining than when I was in high school). My favorite reality shows are more the competition style than the film someone's every waking moment style.


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