Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is there anything we don't do?

So, I work for a retail store, I won't mention who but I know my whole 2 followers already know who it is. Anyhow, I find that they expect the craziest things from us and then flip out when we don't give them what they want. And I'm not just talking the normal stuff, like not doing rainchecks or not taking back stuff after a few years (or 10, but that's a story for another time).

If they miss a bag at the checkout, the want us to deliver it to them, or they want reimbursement for gas. It's not enough that we just take their word for it the majority of the time even if their missing items weren't turned it, or that we will replace the item for them the next time they are in anyway. If they break something (like sit on a portable DVD player and crack the screen, or accidentally run over their phone), they expect us to eat the cost and replace it for them. They think we're a bank, and try to get us to cash their personal checks, which we can't do, and they pull out the ever popular, "But the lady here last time did it for me!" No, no she didn't. Our register won't even take your check, so nice try but you're lying to my face.

I could go on and on and on about the insane amount of stuff they think we can do, but I just heard a super strange one tonight and had to share. I'm actually glad I didn't take this call, because I don't know what I would have said. Someone called because they lost their ID, and when we didn't have it turned in, they asked if we could make them a new one! Um...seriously? Maybe we should have told them to try the parking lot- with the amount of fake looking IDs we see, I wouldn't be surprised if there were someone out there who could arrange it. Ha.



  1. Perhaps someone could set up at kiosk in the parking lot! Could be a great business. Linda

  2. have 3 followers! Linda just lurks :D

    Our Walmart cashes checks, thus the long line of Mexicans every freaking time we go in, sometimes so bad that we can't get through and they don't understand us when we say "Excuse me"...

    I can't believe they would ask for you guys to make them a new one!!