Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweaty boobs and some hail stones to cool them down.

Just saw a Playtex commercial tonight that said, "Friends don't let friends sweat in their bras." Say WHAT? Do they actually listen to what they are saying before these commercials air? I can just imagine people saying, "Hey, friend, I've heard that you're sweating in your bra, and I just can't condone that. Go buy a Playtex bra or I can't be your pal any more." Strange things making it onto TV these days!

But I do have a solution for the ladies out there with a sweaty chest problem. We got the most awful storm today, with pouring rain, scary thunder, crazy winds, tornado sightings, and golf ball sized hail. Those hail stones were awesomely cold in the freakishly warm spring weather we've been having, and those would be AWESOME for cooling you down!

And apparently Nebraska chose not to listen to my nice suggestion about the weather. Stupid Nebraska. It was seriously a weird storm. I saw on the news that the storm was moving at 70 MPH. Can you believe it? That must be why it went from pouring, to no rain but thunder, to pouring rain and hail, to crazy clouds and tornadoes sighted, to pouring rain and hail, to sun and clouds, to crazy pouring rain and small hail, to really windy, back to sunny with white puffy clouds in just over an hour. Didn't seem to bother my husband and kiddo any, but I was freaked out, especially when the sirens went off and we had to go into the basement. I can't wait till we can afford to move to somewhere with less exciting weather. Anyone want to contribute to the "Save Ducky From Crazy Tornado And Corn Infested State of Nebraska" fund? I'm allergic to corn and not too pleased about the existence of tornadoes. Any and all donations accepted! (Ha ha ha!)

There's a picture of me holding some good sized hailstones. I'm sure there were bigger ones but I wasn't about to go out there for very long. This was just before the tornado sirens went off. Ignore the angle that makes me look like some sort of freak.

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  1. I was going to ask why on Earth you would talk about your personal feminine issues based on the blog title, but it ended up being a funny post as usual!

    Check out my blog. I left you a bloggy award there :D