Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pretty people, be gone!

So I was watching America's Next Top Model tonight (I know, I know. Guilty pleasure.) and they sent home a girl named Jessica, who is seriously one of the most ridiculously pretty people I've ever seen. I swear the girl almost always had a smile on her face, she worked hard, and she wanted to be there. In the judging tonight, they discussed how she was going to make a buttload of money in commercial modeling. And then they sent her home.

Last time I checked, it wasn't America's Next Top Runway Model. It's just Top Model. I don't know why they have a thing against abnormally beautiful people who will probably get rich off of print ads. Instead, they pick a strange looking person who will look ok in a couple of couture ads, or will last walking the runways for two years until they get "too old." The other girls here aren't nearly as pretty (but I should mention that none are ugly either- on the outside, anyway) and they would all have their own niche that they would do well in.

You know what I think? Tyra doesn't want anyone as pretty as her to go very far on the show. I swear, the girls I like the best NEVER win. She might as well change the show to America's Next Top Model Who Will Never Do As Well As Tyra Because She Will Never Pick Anyone Prettier Than Her. Or is that too wide to fit on the screen?



  1. Meh. I don't watch it much, but I remember seeing a girl, I think it was the beginning of last season, with her head practically shaved bald, and an english accent that I liked. She was pretty, and her attitude wasn't catty or evil like some. She was cut before some other girl that was HORRIBLE. Then to only have that girl go home next if I recall correctly. That is why I don't watch, 'cause the ones that deserve to win get cut early on.

  2. It was probably this season, blad girl being Naduah and horrible girl being Ren.