Monday, May 24, 2010

And I thought Elmo was the dirtiest...

And here I thought that Elmo was the dirtiest Muppet on Sesame Street (He DID just say, "Elmo's hands are very talented" on Elmo's World on a recent episode), there are definitely other naughty, naughty puppets on the street!

Here's from the same Elmo's World (about hands):
Telly: We're going to play a game.
Baby Bear: A hand game!

Ok, so it turns out it was patty cake, but you tell me that that sounds normal. You can't, can you?

And that monster Murray isn't off the hook either. When he was singing about words that start with the letter U. The song said a bunch and then he stopped on the word underpants. Then he kept repeating underpants and waved a pair of boxer shorts in the air! Is it an innocent childrens song, or is there a Muppet running around somewhere who doesn't have on any skivvies?

Let me tell you, that cute little pink fairy Abby Cadabby is not off the hook either. She may have been egged on by Elmo, but she did poof Gordon (presumably naked) in his bathtub down into the street! And the best part? Elmo kept repeating, "Gordon's the man!" Elmo, stop looking into the tub. That's just vulgar!

Suddenly Oscar the grouch seems like the cleanest one of them all.

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