Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Handy Manny Sure is Handy!

Any of you who may have watched Handy Manny with your kiddos may have many unanswered questions. How come Manny has talking tools, but some of them don't talk? Why does Manny never pay at Kelly's Hardware Store? And you've seen Manny's sister and grandfather, but where are his parents? I may not know the answer to the missing parents (although they might be in The Land of the Missing Parents along with Elmo's mom and dad), but I do have my own theories on the show.

Talking tools? Really? Honestly, I don't think his tools talk. I think Manny is hooked on drugs and just thinks the tools talk to him. Now, I know what you're thinking, everyone else talks to the tools too. Well, of course they do. Would you really want to tick off a guy strung out on drugs enough to think that his hardware can carry on a conversation? No, I didn't think so.

Why doesn't Manny ever pay for his hardware? There are two theories on this one. The first is that Manny supplies drugs for Kelly as well. The second is that Kelly and Manny are secretly romantically involved. It could be both scenarios, but I definitely lean toward the second one. After all, Kelly always has just what Manny needs! He says it is in nearly every episode.

I really don't mind Handy Manny. My daughter loves it and it can be kind of cute. But it is distracting when you are expecting a drug crazed rampage at any moment. Or, which would be even more hilarious, Manny goes into Kelly's Hardware Store, the music suddenly changes ("Bow chicka wow wow, chicka chicka wow wowwwww") and suddenly Handy Manny turns into adult programming.

Oh, it's just me that thinks this? Well, never mind then!

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