Saturday, May 8, 2010

Little Einsteins, a little too strange

I don't watch Little Einsteins often, but the kiddo seems to like it, so we watch it once in a while. I have determined that Little Einsteins is exactly what That 70's Show would like if it were a cartoon and the characters were little kids. I mean, they fly around in a rocket and solve problems by singing, dancing, playing instruments, and conducting? Sounds like the beginnings of the pot smoking circle in Foreman's basement to me.

And where do I even begin on the fact that they think they are flying around in a rocket? Sounds like an awesome "trip" if you ask me. And is it bad that I think of South Park's "Red Rocket" episode every time I see that little red rocket on Little Einsteins? Yes, it's probably a bad thing.

Yes, I am aware that it's not a good thing to think that all children's programming is dirty. It's probably a good sign that I need to turn off the tv more.

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