Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stupid Nebraska.

Nebraska's weather won't make up it's mind. On May 12th, it snowed. SNOWED. IN MAY. At least it was overnight and melted the next day. Last night, it was warmish and clear, yet there was a Tornado Watch. Today? 85 degrees, sunny, and windy. When will it make up its mind?

And while I am on the topic of weather, could we maybe not have any tornadoes and fun tornado warnings every week on the TV and loud tornado sirens? Last year's scary tornado episode (which involved a tornado heading straight for my work- it went back up into the clouds before it hit us) was enough to freak me out. Though I must say, the scary looking clouds going in two different directions one of top of the other after the tornado was still kinda cool too look at.

I am a New England girl. We don't DO tornadoes. We just don't. I'm not too keen on the 90-100 degree days for months straight in the summer, but at least we have AC and fans. You can get away from the heat. There, unfortunately, is no anti-tornado device. Can't grab an umbrella, snow shovel, or fan to help with that. I suppose I'm not a fan of the whole "Get into the basement and duck and cover" thing. I can understand heading for the lowest level you can get, but if you are going to get tornadoed, no amount of ducking and covering is going to help you. Yikes.

Dear Nebraska,
I will call you Awesome Nebraska instead of Stupid Nebraska if you figure out the weather to my favor. I'm just saying. You can think about it and get back to me.

P.S. You smell like corn. You might want to do something about that. Maybe some deodorant.

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  1. "You smell like corn." Yes! Awesome. I am never keen on the tornado warnings although in El Paso we seem to be well away from the daily alarms. But we went from 90-100 to 100-110 for all but 2 months a year and dust/sand storms. If I had wanted to live in that crud, I would have volunteered for a deployment (which I did multiple times) and gotten paid a buttload of money to do so instead of the piddly amount my husband makes now.