Friday, May 21, 2010

Are you a Twitter addict?

I have a newfound love for Twitter. It's an easy way to see what's going on with other people, and to post really short updates or a photo every now and then. My opinion though, is that if I can get a site to work for me, I am all for it. Call me a sellout if you want, but I work part time and have a little girl to raise, and I can use every penny I get! So here are 2 suggestions to maximize the awesomeness of Twitter to your advantage.

1. Say and Win. Tweet your normal stuff, but do it from this site for a chance to win codes! I haven't won yet, but it's run by Publisher's Clearing House, and I've won from their Facebook application before, so I know it's legit. It's an easy way to possibly win a prize for something you already do. And since I'm saving my $$ for Christmas presents, every little bit helps!

2. Sponsored Tweets. Basically, advertisers want people to Tweet ads for them, and that's where you come in. You set your price (at least 10 cents a Tweet), advertiser picks you, you choose which ones you want and you write up your Tweet. Once you get to $50, you can withdraw your earnings. It's really easy, and they notify you by direct message once you are picked for an ad. Requirements: must have had your Twitter account for at least 60 days, have posted at least 100 Tweets, and have at least 50 people following you. Some people think of it as selling out. I think of it as helping my family. Sure, I'd be annoyed if that's all someone Tweeted. I probably wouldn't follow them. But I usually only do a few ads a week, and not more than 2 a day usually. I post plenty of other normal Tweets so I don't flood anyone's Twitter with ads.

So that's it! Two easy ways to get Twitter to work for you! :) It feels too easy, almost like free money.

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